Does electrical rewiring include the front door bell?

As above, had the house rewired but have discovered my door bell no longer works as it's been disconnected. Is this usually included included in a rewire?


  • andy69_2
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    I think that it would include the bell, I am getting one done next month and I am ust going round saying I want this their, i want this here etc etc... so If you said i want a bell here then he should have obviously done that, if you never asked for a bell i don't see why he would have put one their, its like not asking for an outside light and then asking why he hasnt put one up. If it was already their and now its not working then just ring him up and ask him to connect it. Hope this helps!
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    i normally do the same thing, but it didn't occur to me about the door bell. i didn't ask for it and when i phoned him he said it wasn't part of the rewire. i'm sure if i asked at the time they would have replaced it too.
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    Was it connected to mains before he started? I imagine the answer is yes. Then at least it should be reconnected (if not rewired). So he should at the very least reconnect but I would have thought rewire.

    Guess he has all his money already so can probably afford to be so cavalier.
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    To defend the electrician (a little), I wouldn't automatically include the door bell (switch to bell connection) in a re-wire, and neither would any of my colleagues!

    When you say "disconnected" do you mean from the door switch to the bell, or the mains supply to the door bell transformer (if fitted, or is it battery powered?).

    If the former then why would you think that's included in a re-wire? A re-wire would include all the cabling that comprises the mains voltage infrastructure of the property, not low-voltage accessories such as door bells.

    If the latter (mains powered via a transformer) then it would have had the supply cable replaced and checked as part of the re-wire, but I wouldn't check if the door switch and bell are themselves connected unless you told me beforehand it didn't work and asked if I would look at it.

    HOWEVER, if it definitely worked immediately before he did the re-wire, and now doesn't, then he's probably disconnected some previous DIYers bodge which won't have passed his post re-wire testing. We'd need to know if it was mains or battery powered to be sure.
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