Pay off or invest?

I owe about £20,000 on a mortgage. And I am due to inherit same amount. Is it better to pay off the mortgage or invest. I'm confused...


  • Susan
    Do you mean invest in the markets? See my thread on the recent situation we've ridden for our ISA Funds.

    What's your risk tolerance? There's no guarantee for investments..

    Do you have pension and emergency funds set aside?

    Consider if you want to invest as a lump sum or pound-cost-average? Here you spread risk but may miss the big uplifts (and drops) in market.

    With no other considerations, I'd clear the mortgage for security and peace of mind (plus removal of any ongoing costs like interest and life cover) then set up ISA Fund and invest each month into that across a range of funds unless you have time for DYOR on individual equities.

    Good luck
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    What is your mortgage interest rate? Are there any charges for making overpayments? What other savings do you have? What provisions for retirement do you have? Do you have savings for emergencies 3-6 months income is the consensus?
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  • Surely thats a personal choice, the known security of mortgage free versus known security of money in the bank!
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