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My mum recently bought a small greenhouse i.e. one of the 4 tier shelves with plastic covering. She bought lettuce seeds and other various seeds. She has planted them in a trough and little leaves can be seen! (sooo cute :p )

is there any tips or things that need to be done daily/weekly that you could advise me to do. She'll be really proud if it turns out a success??:T

thanks in advance
katrina x.:A
Hi, my names katrina and I'm a spendaholic!? Trying to save!?! still havent managed it!! :o


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    Make sure everything is really well watered, especially when its sunny, .... its pouring down here and all my carefully transplanted seedlings are being battered by the rain. One day I will have a greenhouse to put them in :rolleyes:

    Hope it all goes well :D
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