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Hi All,
I’m a very long term forum reader, who has finally registered to ask a question if I may.
I want to be ‘mortgage free’, and have been overpaying on my 25 year mortgage for number of years. The mortgage has a term left of just over 5 years, however with the overpayments this has been reduced to about 20 months left to run.
I have requested and recieved a redemption figure from my building society, which includes a “redemption administration charge”. Is there likely to be anyway that I can get this charge reduced or removed from the final settlement?
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  • How much is it? I can remember every time I changed mortgages I'd be charged a fee of about £60 in administration, but it should be mentioned in the original T&C when you agreed to the mortgage.
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    Thanks for the reply, to be honest it's not a lot, £200, but then I calculated how much I have already paid them back, above the original loan amount :eek: , and yes I know they need to make a profit, pay shareholders etc. I'd rather keep as much of my money in my pocket if I can. I'd like to clear whats left in case interest rates start to go back up again.
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    It's possible to have this waived, however the chances are extremely low. If you like a challenge, go for it. I would say you have a 0.5% chance of winning so you need to weigh up whether it's worth the effort, or whether there are other ways of making £200 to cover the cost.
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    in a similar position with A&L, they've quoted £396.86 early redemption fee (30 months early) and £295 redemption administration charge which seems a little excessive!
    Bern :j
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    It would appear that in our case, paying the increased monthly payments as we had been doing over a number of years, or paying off the remaining balance now, saddled us with the redemption charge.
    We had 2 options: Clear the outstanding balance and pay the redemption charge, or reduce the outstanding balance to a minimum allowed balance, and then settle over the full term of the original agreement, if we continued with increased monthly payments, we would still have been hit with a redemption charge. As such we have decided to clear the mortgage and pay the redemption charge.
    RedBern - It’s interesting that you mention A&L, we had moved most savings to other providers, now the mortgage has gone, this leaves us with an ISA with them, which I will look to transfer to another provider as soon as I can.
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