How to be a 'moneysaver' for Summer 2005!

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How to be a 'moneysaver' for Summer 2005!

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Hello all,

Not been on the board recently as have been putting together a programme of packages for our company & have spent a lot of time in Spain-Costa Brave is NOT nice in December! I recently sent this e-mail shot out to my client bank.

Now before anyone says THIS IS AN ADVERT it is not-you'll all free to go where you want but its just another way to 'beat' the package system-by utilising the economy airlines flights (the ryanair checker is fab for this) & tying it up with accom/transfers. Just to reiterate-as this way of doing things is not a package holiday & is in effect TWO different parts (ie flights/accom) it is NOT covered by ATOL. Having said that, it's very very unlikely an economy airline would cancel a flight & if you book the Hotel/Transfer bit either with your credit card (I beleive this covers you if a company goes bust) OR through an abta Travel Agent you'll have some degree of protection!

I've copied this mail below & again stress this is not an advert-BUT DOES SHOW THE SAVINGS TO BE MADE!

'By pre-booking your Summer 2005 flights NOW you can get some REAL bargains.....when you let US arrange your Hotel & Transfers (Private Taxi-no more 'milk-round coaches'!), 2 examples below-with prices starting at an amazing £787 for a family of 2 adults & 2 children, 26/5/05 (just taking in Whitsun!)-ALL-INCLUSIVE at the Hotel shown below on the Costa Dorada!!!

Here's how, examples for 2 adults & 2 children, 1 week.......at the VILAMARINA CLUB, SALOU, on an all-inclusive basis!


Ryanair flights (https://www.ryanair.co.uk), total cost (at time of writing), 4 passengers- £230
Our Hotel+taxi cost-£557
Total cost to you-an amazing £787!


Ryanair flights (https://www.ryanair.co.uk), total cost (at time of writing), 4 passengers- £304
Our Hotel+taxi cost-£557
Total cost to you-an amazing £861!

Other dates, destinations available. So, to coin a colleagues phrase, 'think outside of the box'! Package Holiday prices are under serious threat from the 'economy airlines' & by booking the components as above a fortune can be saved. So why not have a search of the economy-airlines sites, there are plenty to choose from, https://www.flyeu.com (from Kent), https://www.jet2.com (from Manchester & Leeds), https://www.thomsonfly.com (from Doncaster & Coventry Airports), https://www.monarchairlines.co.uk/ (the only 'economy' airline featuring the Canaries), the list goes on. Find a cheap flight & mail us-we can arrange your taxi transfer & Hotel!

Remember-with economy airlines the price goes UP the nearer you get-the earlier you book the better the price! For those of you tied to School Holiday dates it makes sense to book NOW to capitalise on the low flight prices!

It just remains for our Staff to wish you all a merry Xmas & New Year!

Kind regards,

Hope this is of interest!


  • Thanks Chris I find it difficult to find cheap flights from

    Edinburgh ie Globespans sight always crashing.
    A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will.
    El sabio muda el consejo, el necio no.
  • pingupingu Forumite
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    my personal opinion is that holidays in off peak season(for families with kids in school) and for some reason in MAY are always cheaper :D

    whenever i am in town OLDHAM i check the travel agents windows and have seen holidays advertised for MAY for family of 3 or4 for under 500 or 600 ;D
    Honesty is the best policy doesn't matter which web site
    you are on!

    if i had known then what i know now!

    a bargain is only a bargain if you really need it!
  • almondalmond Forumite
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    try med hotels for the hotels and transfers I have heard one of the directors from virgin owns this
  • MarkyMarkDMarkyMarkD Forumite
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    try med hotels for the hotels and transfers I have heard one of the directors from virgin owns this

    Medhotels actually belongs to lastminute.com. It says so on their website!

    We had transfers and hotels from them (although the package was bought through lastminute) and I would recommend them too.
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