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Free flights to eastern europe

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the_cantythe_canty Forumite
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2 airlines have got free flight offers at the moment -- think you need to book by 24th dec &

valid for dates in april -- just booked to go to budapest and bratislava for a cheeky weekend :D

In a bullet proof vest with the windows all closed, I'll see you soon


  • Its valid for dates in June as well. Although with the high taxes etc., there is only a few quid in it when compared to other 'no frills' airlines and there are more date options with some of the others i.e. travelling on a weekend.
    You never know how far you can fly, till you spread your wings.
  • mystic_trevmystic_trev Forumite
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    Agree! Ryanair and Easyjet are obviously the market leaders of the "no frills" sector.I wouldn't feel happy booking up 6 months ahead with any of the others.IMHO
  • The tax thing p1sses me off. Why does it seem that only Easyjet quote honest tax prices (and I know it's cause they got screwed over on it in court once!)? If a flight is free then it should be free and taxes should only be £10ish. how can airlines make money out fo these tickets, what the f8ck are charges anyhow
  • trisontanatrisontana Forumite
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    Air Berlin quote all their prices up-front . As I said in by 5 star posting , this is an excellent airline with customer standards and service comparable to a " full price " airline . They fly to Eastern Europe as well. Check out their prices , you will be surprised.

    Saying that I have just booked flights with SkyEurope to Krakow for next August. The prices quoted were 1p one way and £17 coming back . With taxes it works out at £50 return. For that you get an allocated seat and a free drink, but no food.
    What part of "A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo" don't you understand?
  • sky europe are ok, they have some cheap deals on most are 39 pounds return at the moment
    Treat everyday as your last one on earth! and one day you will be right.:D
  • GlennTheBakerGlennTheBaker Forumite
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    I've just taken the plunge and booked a flight from Manchester to Bratislava with Sky Europe in August for my girlfriend's birthday. Flight was quoted as £0.01 + taxes and came to just under £40 for both of us.

    Because the hotel we are staying in offers a special weekend deal, we couldn't fly back with Sky Europe so are coming back to Luton with EasyJet! Should be fun! :-/
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