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Hi, I am new here but hope someone can read this and help.
I have around 10000pounds debts in the UK, however currently I am abroad and not sure when I will come back. I have been paying the installements regulary from abroad, however lost the job and have no
income at the moment. It's really difficult to manage all this from abroad,
and also creditors don't know about the circumstances. What is the best
solution in my situation apart from bunkrapcy? I am scared I have already received the court letters to the UK address, can I negotiate with debt
collection agency at all? Please can sombody give me advice, will be very


  • Hi Marona

    It is probably worth getting in touch with one of the free to use debt advice charities (Citizens' Advice Bureau, Consumer Credit Counselling Service - CCCS, National Debtline etc) and see what support they can give while you are overseas.

    Goodluck getting a handle back on your finances
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    Hi Marona and Welcome
    National Debtline has an email service for debt queries (details on their website). This may be a good option for you so you don't run up expensive telephone bills.
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    Hi, thank you for your help, I have contacted already with national debt helpline, they have answered yesterday, and asked for more details, with CCCS the contact is difficult from abroad as they do not have the number to call them on from abroad, however I have found here on the forum, that you can send a message to them and done it yesterday. However I am very scared as I don't know if there isn't aleready letters from debt collection agency coming to english address. Some bank adviced me it can happen, and I should contact with them straight away, but I can't do it, as can't pick up the post:/ I was renting a room, and the home owner was
    living with me, can it affect her?? Can debt collection agency collect her goods?
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