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hi all,was hoping someone could advise. im a single mum of 5 youngest a year old recieving DLA. im currently housed by the council in a 3 bed(tiny cell size)1st floor maissonette.which is obviously overcrowded my eldest son 15,sleeps on the sofa because he had moved to his dads last june(08)but then returned in nov(08)so due to the room shuffle an birth of the youngest he is without a room(he also has adhd but refuses treatment)the place is very damp and the council want to put stud walls up in the bedrooms making the rooms even tinier(can i refuse this?yes it mite help with damp but making us even more cramped)which brings me to why the council laughed in mine an the home support workers an family mosiacs face wen i asked for a move!!!
you see wen i was 21 with my 1st council flat i got into rent arrears an got evicted , so i owe the council 2064 quid for rent arrears court costs an repairs due to an ex who destroyed my front door. i then had another relationship which didnt work so was left homeless!(sorry for the long story but im missin out the sobby bits!)sooo the same council put me in a hostle for 10mths! i started payin the debt sumfin like a 5er a week an the council decided they wud rehouse me where i am now.
so ive now been here ten years stupidly not paying because kids family all sorts of problems,my son moving backwards and forwards etc. tbh mostly a case my kids needin stuff an putting them 1st.
so anyway the council have refused point blank and even with medical points the council basically laughed an said no way every penny. which at a 5er a week its gunna take forever, i asked them to take it direct frm my benefits they refused. ive got it down from 2500. i cant pay anymore without being really stuck as ive no one to turn to for help, the baby will always have week legs due to his clubfeet so we shouldnt be on the 1st floor. i have no family to ask as i grew up in kids homes frm age 13 an not many friends certainly none that can help. i cant get a loan because unemployed an on dss.
in hindsight i know it would have been paid long ago and we would have our housing needs. im seriously considering goin to a dodgy loan shark where u have ur child benefit paid into their account an having to pay off twice as much!!! i am paying but its not enough the kids need more room, im seriously depressed i cant think of any options at all. ive been citizens advice everyone i can think of. by the time i pay at this rate my two youngest 1 an 8 wont be eligable for a garden. the street we live on is sooo rough, my childhood was ruined an now ive ruined the kids too. would anyone know any loan companys that aint dodgy that will accept dss tennents or any advice or suggestions excludin a plot at kings cross at all?ive considered private renting a house but the ,money needed for that is the cost of my council debt!!! mmmm its drivin me mad. many thanks


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    Hi. I'm afraid I haven't got bright ideas - but didn't want you to think noone had read it or noone cared.
    I guess you are claiming everything you are entitled to in the way of benefits?
    I am not sure where you stand with regards to the concil to be honest. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will be along soon.
    Have you had a look at the up your income section on here - might help to bring a little more money for you?
    By the way what will affect your children most is surely giving them love, keeping them warm,fed and clothed. Obviously things are tough but you can only do your best.
    Have you tried contacting Shelter for help and advice?
    Any chance of getting a job at all (although I guess you would then need childcare and it would affect your benefit)?
    Are there any playgroups/support groups for parents with children in your area? just wondered if you could team up with the other mums and take it in turns to look after the children for a few hours or something.
    Will have a think for more ideas.
    Um do you have a credit union or anything like that?
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    Its a difficult situation but shelter would be a good source of advice but MP might be able to help as well.
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    thanx for ur reply!! mmm credit union???whats that? i just really wished id not burried my head in the sand !!:mad: and now wen it really counts ive messed up! i cant work cos my eldest refuses school an i wouldnt want to leave the baby as he wears a brace 18 hours a day and doesnt take to well to it,not that i wouldnt like to work lol just for a break, i dunno my life is so busy that when i have got spare time its just chill time ,so i havent looked into mums groups etc. thanx anyway m8!!x
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    Just thought a bit of peace and moral support might help.
    Would agree with trying to contact your MP and maybe the paper?
    There are lots of threads of here on how to make money spread as far as possible although I guess you are already pretty good at that.
    Credit unions are run as a local alternative to a bank - they usually lend money to those on low incomes or who would otherwise struggle to get credit from a bank or building society. They are there to stop people being ripped off and ending up with unmanageable debt from money sharks etc. I just wondered if you could borrow some money and pay them back at 5 a week (obviously agree this with them at the start) to try and get your debt to the council down although I am not sure what interest rate credit unions charge.
    What's your housing worker suggest?
    Have you tried contacting Connextions with regards to support for your son? they may be able to find him suitable education at a college or a smaller unit where he may cope better and do things he is interested in - maybe they can set him up an apprenticeship or something eg car maintenance or plumbing etc? Connexions is government agency that is basically supposed to have services for 14-19 year olds all in one place and support them and help them into work or training etc and help them with benefits and any other needs they may have.
    See here there is going to be one for your area somewhere and hopefully they will deal with you and help support your son and find something for him to do.
    Making my money go further with MSE :j
    How much can I save in 2012 challenge
    75/1200 :eek:
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    Hi Fizifi No solutions at the moment unfortunately but just wanted to know i'm thinking of youj and just remember hindsight is a wonderful thing and learning and growing and the future are the important things. God bless Ange
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