Credit check - how safe?

Hi everyone, I might be in the wrong place, so forgive me if so!

I was going to do the Equifax/Experian check your credit report thing, but then realised that the form asked for my telephone number. I didn't go ahead with it, because I assume my debtor (only one, thank goodness) would then have my number! Is it possible to get round this, either put an obviously dodgy number (like 01010 010101 for instance) just so the system accepts my query, or will it actually check numbers as well as postcodes?

I'm paying back my Egg card via debt collectors, CCCS were great and said I could only afford a token £1 a month. Since then I've managed to stop my internet payment (use a friends now) so I've increased the payment to £20/month. (This has stopped all the standard threatening letters, as well - result!)

What I'm wondering is what my credit report is likely to show. I've been buying my car insurance by monthly payments for some years now and haven't been refused, although I was refused the choice of buying a skirt from a catalogue on their payment terms! I dont' quite get that.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm hoping to move into a new flat soon, and will need to open my first ever utilities accounts. I'm just worried I might have problems, and made to go for a prepay meter or something equally scary.

Sorry for the lengthy saga, I do hope someone can advise me.

Many thanks,
Sas x


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