A cure for acne

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A tip i have used in the past, and still use occasionally now when i get the odd spot or two is, I buy a small pot of Dispersible Asprin BP 75mg, i take out three and add about tiny drop of water which will make it fizz. When it has disolved pretty well, then i apply it to my spottier areas and leave it on for a few minutes before i wash it off.

It leaves your skin lovely and smooth and is far better than the AHAs you pay an arm and a leg for. Your open pores look less visible. I wouldnt recommend using this 'mask' more than once a week. However aspirins are not suitable for any one who is asmatic, diabetic or has or has had any stomach problems especially stomache ulcers as it irritates the stomach lining. Asprin must not be given to anyone under 16 whether it be taken orally or applied to the skin as studies have found it can cause a certain disease and these are the new guidelines given to pharmacies.

The last pot i bought, cost 59p for 100.


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    I'll definitely try this, Judi, thanks! I was told I'd grow out of acne but I'm still fighting with it daily, so I'll try most things!

    You've reminded me, too, that one of the best things I've found recently is using ice cubes to reduce the heat and inflammation of the spots. It feels soothing and apparently means that any lotions you apply to the cooled skin have a better chance of getting to the actual spot as the inflammation isn't in the way. It certainly seems to have helped me in the last six months and is obviously veeerrryyyy moneysaving!
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    being a lady of a certain age my hormones are a bit dodgy and occasionally I get a pimple on my chin or nose or neck. :-[

    last night a beut erupted on my neck so I did as you said and by morning

    gone without a trace

    ??? ??? ???

    thanks a lot, cos im a bit long in the tooth to be walking about with pimples ;D
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    another that i've tried before, that helps, esp reduce the redness, is grated apple and honey applied to the face.

    Less harsh than asprin, but possibly not as effective, but it works for me!
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    It really depends whether it's teenage acne or adult acne, and whether it's caused by an excess of bacteria or sebum on the skin. Adult acne tends to be more 'lumps' than spots, and is usually concentrated around the neck and jaw line.

    If it's an excess of sebum (oily skin) then no amount of facewash or topical lotions or antibiotics will make much of a difference. From experience I can tell you that Roaccutane (see your GP) will help enormously in this case.

    In terms of facewash, you certainly need to find the right one for your skin type, because rather than helping some can actually make it worse.
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    thanks OP I'll give this a go -I'm 24 and have the kind of skin where theres loads of lumps underneath but no big spots - drives me mad as I can't squeeze them out but can feel all the bumps! will let you know how I get on x
  • the main metabolite of asprin is salicylic acid - that's in a lot of cleansers for skin (on a quick google, neutrogena, olay, aveeno, biore, clinique and i'm sure lots more). it won't work overnight - most suggestions are that it needs a few weeks/months to start seeing effects.
  • Hi Judi,
    Thanks for the tip. I will keep this under my hat. Some more tips to cure acne are:
    Do take raw food, nuts and seeds more in your diet meals,
    Drink plenty of water daily,
    Reduce stress with regular exercise,
    Reduce or limit refined carbohydrates and sugar intake,
    Avoid caffeine,
    Limit dairy products and red meat.
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