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Hi there,

Oki'm 28 years of age (automatically classed as 'independant' when applying for student loans) and i have a few questions in relation to Maintenance Grant and Student Loans/Bursary's...

I suppose the idea is that if I don't have a job and i live at home, then i'd be entitled to more money - is this correct?

The reason why i am asking is because i have some decisions to make. I can either:

a) Stay living with my partner (his income is £24k and i assume that they take into account my partner's income)
b) Go back home (mum lives in a 1 bedroomed flat, so not really a great option plus she's a low income earner)
c)Find a houseshare/place to rent.

I earn £700 per month, pro rata working for a Government department - i'm hoping to reduce my hours further once i start my degree (to just below the tax threshold).

I take it that my wage will have a significant impact on how much 'Maintenance Grant' im entitled to? I believe the student loan is non-income assessed and i should therefore receive the full amount, however, would i then just receive a small percentage of the Maintenance Grant because i already have a monthly *generous* (for a student) income? What about bursary's? Again, i'm not likely to get much am i if i've got a decent monthly wage?

Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it!



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