Freestanding mobile aircon?


I am thinking about buying a freestanding air conditioner, our new build flat is like an oven even with the windows and doors open. Also with the summer coming I can see it getting worse. Only need this at night for sleeping.

I have done some research and i know you can get these ones that are "air condensers" that do not require you to have unit on the outside of the house. They are not as good as the normal ones, but I am sure they have to be better than a fan!



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I have look at the ones on Agros, but seem quite cheap and not great reviews and I get impression you can get more heavy weight one. I dont' mind spending a bit, want to get something for the bedroom but would need a long hose (7.5m from bedroom door to living room window) It needs to be quiet, misses is a light sleeper. Has anyone tried or got one of these?



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    is there any reason why one of these would not work? Condenser Box you use with timble dryer?
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    All portable units are quite noisy, you wont be able to sleep with it on due the the loud buzzing humming noise they emit. The condenser box for a tumble dryer wont work, u need to get rid of the heat out of the room the condesner box are not good enough.

    For what you spend on a portable unit you could get a good system fitted with a box outside. IS there any reason you dont want to have a box outside?
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