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Scottish Power - You want how much per month by DD?

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I have recently looked at switching our supply as all the comparison sites show we should save money, plus with cashback from Quidco it is definitely worthwhile. I have decided to go to 2 suppliers this time as it appears cheaper - Scottish Power for electric, British Gas for gas. This is supposed to save me over £100 per year.

At the moment we pay £90 approx per month to Eon for gas and electricity and we are only £10 in debit (that is after the recent bill this month). Scottish Power, who I am only switching electric to which accounts for around £45 of the bill, are wanting to set up a direct debit for £168 per month. How did they come up with such a ridiculously high figure, particularly since they are supposed to work out cheaper?

Many thanks



  • Fire_Fox
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    What is your annual usage at current prices divided by twelve? Have you asked SP how they arrived at that figure?
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  • E.ON_Company_Representative
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    Was the comparison you carried out based on your annual usage or your monthly spend with E.ON?

    It is best to use your annual usage in kWh, if you require this information call E.ON and they will be able to provide it for you.

    If you’ve done the comparison based on your E.ON Direct Debit amount the comparison may not be accurate. Are the bills estimated with E.ON? If so your Direct Debit may be wrong and may need increasing, therefore causing the suggested Scottish Power Direct Debit amount to be correct, or not.

    Check your figures and meter readings to get a clearer picture. Ensure the Direct Debit with E.ON is accurate and that you are not underpaying.

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  • Berni888
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    I swapped to Scottish Power last year and they initially requested a huge monthly payment. Immediately I rang them and explained I was expecting a much lower figure to match what I was then on and they on the spot changed it to the figure I requested with the proviso that they would increase it in 6 months if I was not banking enough funds to meet the bill. I've been with them a year now and they've just issued a further reduction in my monthly direct debit. So all I can say is it pays to ring them (details on the letter you've got that has stated the monthly DD) and suggest a figure more to your calculations. Hope it goes well.
  • cajef
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    I changed to Scottish Power a month ago for combined gas and electric, intial direct debit including discount for online paperless billing £79, with three monthly checks and adjustment depending on meter readings.
  • Anon
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    Thank you for your responses. My £90 EON payment is gas and electric and covers the amount used - it is fairly accurate as the bill was earlier this month and left only £12 outstanding, therefore as that is the most expensive few months covered, it should be in credit for the warmer months. For the comparison sites I used KwH - we keep track of this and use around 22,000KWh for gas and 5500 for electricity per year.

    I suppose I will have to ask them - £160 per month isn't much of a savings plan if they are giving 0% interest!

    Many thanks

  • Shonk_2
    Shonk_2 Posts: 29 Forumite
    Scottish power check your account every time you put readings in
    but only to see if they need to charge you more

    Trust me if it needs to go down they wont lower it on theyr own
  • hethmar
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    Mine started off at £168 too :) for both gas and electric. It must be a standard amount. In fact its gone up a tenner last month after I sent them my meter readings. But I do have a 4 bed detached house (old one) with several puters, tvs, washer dryer and dishwasher. But it still amazed me how much Im spending out. Have told son to turn off his puters and telly when he isnt using them and Ive tried to use dryer as little as possible.
  • maggieflowers
    Scottish power calculate your annual usage based on kwh used over 12 months against the prices on their tarriffs (they will try to convince you they are fully aware of what you have been using with another company - be aware) They also add 10% on top of this. I spoke to an agent of theirs who advised me that the 10% was to ensure my DD covered my usage and that the agents t their discretion can reduce the amounts for the dd for both gas and electricity by 10% each, so give them a ring don't wait the 3 months they tell you. (thats 20% extra if you have both with them of yours that they are taking)
  • tiff
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    They put mine up at the start of the year due to a high winter bill, to £123 and have now reduced it to £112 as I put in my meter readings every two weeks. They were willing to reduce the amount after me querying the increase to £123 but I decided to keep the payment the same. I quite like their online system.
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  • SkintGypsy
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    Shonk wrote: »
    Scottish power check your account every time you put readings in
    but only to see if they need to charge you more

    Trust me if it needs to go down they wont lower it on theyr own

    Not true actually. I was expecting to have to fight them after they increased my DD over the winter to £110 on the basis that 'we know you will use x amount of fuel'. Erm, no you don't! I do my readings every month now and for the last two they have reduced my DD immediately afterwards. From £90 to £73 then from £73 to £69.50. Sadly, I was thrilled. :D
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