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Anyone encountered New Yuppie Diggers?

I read this in the Sunday Times yesterday

all about how posh types are taking over allotments and painting their sheds with Farrow and Ball paints and giving the old geezers the cold shoulder!

Where is this happening???
Just call me Nodwah the thread killer


  • Not down here in East Sussex! The old geezers live forever down here so no one stands a chance of an allotment. Oh to have an allotment and shed I can paint with farrow and ball paint!!!
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • VibrantVibrant Forumite
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    I usually get a few allotments to dig over, for older holders who want to keep growing, but cant manage the heavy jobs anymore.
    But this year I got half a dozen jobs, digging over plots for new, young members. Most of them had dug a few rows and given up, although one hadn't done even that.
    I think the amount of work involved comes as a shock, to many newbies. Too many labour saving gadgets and cars, we are all getting soft.
  • daskadaska Forumite
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    Only Farrow and Ball paint - they're scarcely trying! Surely there would be a bespoke mosaic fountain of shells and a decorative amonite fossil from peacehaven...

    on second thoughts, I better point out that it would be an offence to relocate an ammonite fossil from peacehaven, quite apart from a lot of hard work, some of them are several feet across!
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  • >Where is this happening?<

    Not up t'north I'd say. Well maybe Leeds
  • stilerninstilernin Forumite
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    Well I'm hoping that there are at least 14 NYDs on my allotments and that they get fed up with the reality very quickly.

    I put my name on the waiting list on Sunday and guess what number on the list I am?
  • oliveoyloliveoyl Forumite
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    Not on the site I'm on either... there are some people that have titivated their plot up a bit which is quite nice... but it's more Oxfam than Gucci.

    Make your own Pot Noodles using a flower pot, sawdust and some old shoe laces. Pour in boiling water, stir then allow to stand for two minutes before taking one mouthful, and throwing away. Just like the real thing!
  • stilernin wrote: »
    Well I'm hoping that there are at least 14 NYDs on my allotments and that they get fed up with the reality very quickly.

    I put my name on the waiting list on Sunday and guess what number on the list I am?

    You have halfway ahead of me - I am number 30 on my list! Let's hope there are more yuppy diggers down here after all!!!
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • nodwahnodwah Forumite
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    Yeah last time i asked, i was no 25 and I've been on the waiting list from before it bacame fashionable and the papers discovered allotments!

    So I'm also hoping people try it and pack it in fairly quickly!
    Just call me Nodwah the thread killer
  • Lotus-eaterLotus-eater Forumite
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    "A recent visit to the allotment of my childhood revealed that a new owner had paid top whack for a landscape gardener to come and “do” their plot, complete with raised beds, gravel paths and a matching potting shed/greenhouse painted in Farrow & Ball colours, to keep things aesthetically just so."

    How about looking at it another way, if I was a very hard working professional, earning alot of money, I loved my job and my family, I wanted the best for both.
    I want an allotment but I don't have time to set it up and get the infrastructure sorted out. But if it's all done then one of the two days a week I am at home we can all spend time down there and enjoy it.

    Btw, I haven't a clue what Farrow and ball is or are. :D

    Love the comments left :rotfl:
    "Not to worry, allotments will soon go out of fashion again. Even those who get someone else to tend it for them will lose their enthusiasm once the joys of 'growing your own' stops getting blown up by the media. Food gardening is serious hard work."

    that's about the first true thing I have read so far.


    "Mine in SE London is fine - largely still scruffy and friendly (and no awful rave music), though there is now a waiting list. When we started 5 years ago we were given a choice of plots. But the creep of bark chipping and raised beds is taking hold. To me they ruin the aesthetics, not enhance them."

    Bark chippings and raised beds are indeed the devils work :T

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  • elliep_2elliep_2 Forumite
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    My site still doesn't have a waiting list. There are 2 available plots though they both are overgrown with brambles at the moment. I've not seen any sign of any yuppie diggers. We're not allowed sheds so unless anyone wanted to paint the one communal shed...

    I think I might be the closest to a yuppie digger they have really. I'm not out to show off my plot but I'm onsidering a type of ground level sq ft gardening approach to the allotment and if I do it then mine will be the only one that isn't in long straight rows.
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