Debt-Free wannabe for sure! YorkshireBorns Journey 2009

Hey, been reading the forums since the new year and thought it about time to face upto my debt and get it sorted out, all this dosn't help with going out 4/5 nights a week with friends. Will try and list my basic outgoings and wage on a avg month.
Just thought I would also give you some background about myself, I'm 22 living in Yorkshire :D I work for myself which normal means I'm either working long hours or no hours at all. Also I'm trying to cut down this year but still find myself out or around friends houses most nights of the week which dosn't help matters. Aside from getting my debt down this year I would also like to try and save some money :eek:, any hints or tips would be great, I'm going to try and update my post of whats been going off in the week just to keep my mind focused on the matter in hand.

Halifax Credit card:
£2,824.85 / £3250 @ 15.9%
Littlewoods: £727.58 / £3400 @ 0%
Student Loan: £3722.11 @ 4.8%

---Total: £7274.54

Halifax Regular Saver:
£50 (£100 Will be going into this every month)
Halifax ISA Saver: £300

-- Total: £350
:T Debt Free 06/05/2010 :T


  • Just been looking at my outgoings and with direct debts over two differnt current accounts isn't making life any easier for me, so tomorrow think I'm going to take the day off to sort all my direct debts and standing orders to come out of the one account :)
    :T Debt Free 06/05/2010 :T
  • Right I'm all set for tomorrow for the start of my debt free journey. Filled my car up tonight and ordered my last take away :(
    Things I really looking to do to cut my cost down, which will be easier as I work for myself and work from home :) a few I have listed below:
    • Use the car alot less
    • No more take aways
    • Spend less than £5 aday
    Going to see if i can keep a spending dairy to see where my spare cash ends up also.
    :T Debt Free 06/05/2010 :T
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