BT Vision - is it worth it?

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Have just been offered BT Vision for £40 a month. That would include line rental, free weekend and evening calls, unlimited broadband and the gold TV package.

I currently don't have a BT line in the flat so the guy on the phone said this would need to be connected but if I signed up for the deal it would only be £30 instead of the £122.

Can't currently get freeview so wouldn't be able to use all the TV stuff to the full. Freeview comes in in our area at the end of May so it would only be a couple of months to wait.

I am tempted but wanted to get a few our your thoughts before I sign my life away.

Any advise is much appreciated.



  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    No! Stop - DON'T do it!

    BT's service is really only a Freeview 'helper' service - it adds a few additional channels and interactivity but requires your phone line and its broadband connection to do this. The rest of the channels will be totally unwatchable by you until Freeview becomes available, and you get either your own aerial or a communal aerial that provides a digital feed. It also means that whilst someone is watching BTs service over broadband, it is taking up the internet capacity you could have been using surfing the web or transferring files.

    In your situation I'd get broadband by any means available that is cost effective, and for TV get FreeSat ( which although it requires a satellite dish, has no monthly charges and gives you access to HS too. If a dish is out the question, then Freeview with a HD recorder to grab those programmes oyu might otherwise miss.

    All, with no need to pay BT an ongoing fortune for a fairly lacklustre service offering.
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    Vision is really very good if you want something more than Freeview but dont want Sky. Until you get Freeview, you'll be able to watch the on demand content thats included in you package and also have access to films on a pay per view basis. And if you dont want to have a package, you can just pay for the on-demand content that you do watch.

    When your Freeview comes, you also have a very good dual channel Freeview receiver and hard disc recorder.

    It doesnt compete with Sky on content though, they have that pretty much sewn up.

    You can still use the internet while watching on-demand.
  • Thanks for the info guys.

    Do you think it would be better to wait until I can get freeview and then sign up then? Hopefully I can still get everything for £40 a month.

    I really don't want to get Sky and I need to get the broadband and phone line as well so it would probably make sense to go with BT.

  • WickedkittenWickedkitten Forumite
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    We just moved out of a flat that had no freeview reception and the only thing we had to watch for nearly a year and a half was on demand via BT Vision. It wasn't bad actually because you get tv replay and a lot more besides to watch.

    Now that we are in a cabled area, we switched to Virgin.
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  • Thanks for that kitten.

    Do you have to pay to watch the TV replay?
  • iniltousiniltous Forumite
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    As someone who has BT Vision I can say its a lot more that just freeview
    with a few add ons, but its not like Sky TV
    Sky is 'linear' TV lots of channels but you have to watch whatever the schedule is presenting at the particular time,
    BTV as well as being a 80Gb twin tuner freeview/PVR gives access to a huge library of TV,Film,Sport and Music as well as versions of BBC I player, 4OD, ITV net player and channel 5's iplayer offering...
    BTV uses a QoS system so watching TV is smooth, not like 'steaming content
    from the internet and what you watch isnt included in your monthly download
    limit of your broadband
  • WickedkittenWickedkitten Forumite
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    exeterben wrote: »
    Thanks for that kitten.

    Do you have to pay to watch the TV replay?

    It was included in our sub so if they are offering you gold, that will be included.
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    Sorry to jump into this thread, I've had BT phone up offering to discount our broadband package which is fine, we've stuck with them and are okay with the service and discount etc. then the chap starting trying to sell me BT vision - we already have sky+ with sports, kids and entertainments packages plus the usual free stuff you get anyway.

    So, would it be worth switching or would we be losing out on the content we enjoy watching? All input welcome
  • isplummisplumm Forumite
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    Well we have BT Vision & I am not really using it - it only costs me £1.50 a month, so noth bothered ... but will get rid once contract finished.

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  • rich_shot2003rich_shot2003 Forumite
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    I had BT Vision and and think its a load of xxxx.

    Dont do it and save your money!!!!
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