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[email protected] overdraft use against my mortgage


I have a Alliance and Leicester £1500 overdraft (FREE)

Last year the £1500 went into a ISA Fixed for 1 year 6%

At the end of this month my ISA finishes and my free overdraft finishes

So next month if i leave the money in a ISA (2.5%) i will make £3.12 per month
BUT i will be charged £5 per month for having a overdraft

So my Questions is

Do i put the £1500 into my mortgage (over pay) Currently 6% fix until Sept and roughly how much will i save per month?(it needs to be more then £5)

Will the £1500 overdraft have an effect on getting a new mortgage?

I have no debts-pay all my credit cards off monthly

Mortgage £95k
Term 18 years
75% LTV

Would appreciate so advise please



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    The savings if any will be tiny so better to clear the overdraft and just have your mortgage when you start looking for new deals in sept.
    Lots of good 5 year fixes available IF ? you have good LTV
    A&L 3.99% LTV 65% 5 year fix with NO FEES
    abbey/hsbc 3.95/3.99 5 year fix fee £999 60% LTV
    Post office 4.15% 5 year fix fee £799 75% LTV
    long term security and chance to overpay on most deals
    Please check carefully all the T&C,s
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