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I am now back with BT Option 1, have signed up for 1899 and am currently using that manually ie keying 1899 before dialling phone number. Primus have confirmed that I will be up and running on 10/3. My question is I had Orchid sort out my dialler, told them that I would be using 1899 and Primus. However, I understand that primus advise bt that they are the carrier and my calls are automatically routed via primus, except I assume in the day when I overide by dialling 1899.

My question is should I now install the dialler to save having to input 1899 but if I do that wehat will happen to my evening and weekend calls up until 10/3, how will I be billed.

Hope this makes sense.
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    It just means that in the evening and weekends, your calls will not be routed. What that means is that you will be charged at prevailing rate of your current provider which I expect is BT. I would install the dialler and not worry too much as BT only charge 5.5p per call evenings and weekends, and you will only be paying this for 10 days.
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    At the moment, calls go out on BT unless you dial a prefix (1899 in your case).

    When the CPS (Primus) goes live, calls will go out on Primus, unless you (or the Orchid) dials a prefix.

    So, installing the Orchid now will send weekday daytime UK 01/02 calls out with a 1899 prefix but calls at other times without a prefix.

    In other words, if you install the Orchid now, you will need to dial the 1899 prefix manually evenings and weekends until Primus goes live (i.e. if you want to avoid BT's charges - but, as Nicholas points out, the difference is 2.5p per call provided they're shorter than an hour).
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