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Capital One Suckers.....



  • tomsolomon
    tomsolomon Posts: 3,613 Forumite
    Sorry M8 but its for the Technology only. Dont get me wrong I have a very healthy interest in women. But I never mix business with pleasure.....:cool:
    Weird Science.......:rolleyes:
    To travel at the speed of light, one must first become light.....
  • never-in-doubt
    never-in-doubt Posts: 20,613 Forumite
    tomsolomon wrote: »
    Capital one are in the process of giving me a cradit card..... with a limit of 2.5k.....:j
    I am going to cancel it Monday.......
    What on earth were they thinkin, giving someone who is out of work a credit card....... :P
    Someone could very well take advantage if they were desperate enough.

    Did you put on the form that you were unemployed? If so that's hilarious...... Plus if you did spend it they couldn't legally ask for it back (irresponsible lending policy)......

    If you told a fib (going on some on the replies you got) then personally i'd not spend on it cos Cap1 have been known to start prosecuting people who lie on forms for credit - well they do in the US and Aus according to BBC Website.....

    LOL - that's funny though...... they won't give me a card and I work 70hrs a week!
    PROLIANT wrote: »
    if I was you, I would get some sort of ASU (Accident, Sickness and Unemployment) policy so if you do hurt your back and can't work at least you will get enough money payed out to live off.

    This would be hard mate cos if he's currently out of work then he can't apply, plus going on the OP original point he makes out that he stopped working in industry 3 years ago cos of back - therefore they may not accept the insured risk (or if so at highly inflated prices with little payout)....

    I have keyman insurance with my work (self employed) and it is expensive considering I never use it, but then cos i'm self employed if I couldn't work for whatever reason then I get paid out quite a lot to match my salary at the high end - guess it could be worth it but best to shop around and check policy wording before applying as you may be excluded due to past problems....

    As for work, good luck in your search. I used to use Sales target (good site) and they primarily deal with sales but they also have loads of I.T jobs. Have a look Here: Sales Target

    Good Luck!
    :o 2010 - year of the troll :o

    Niddy - Over & Out :wave:
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