Payment Warning on Nationwide Credit Card

I'm new to this forum, but what happened today with Nationwide needs to go out to other credit card users.

My credit card payment was due on 3 March. I actually paid it last week on Thursday 26 Feb. As I bank with Nationwide I do all my payments to the Credit Card from my Nationwide Current Account online.

Until this month my transfer from the current account to the credit card was always credited to the credit card account either the same day or by the next working day. This month, despite the payment showing on the credit card account as being received last Friday 27 Feb, it didn't show up in my Available Balance.

So today I called them and have been told that it takes 3-5days to process my payments and that as it says this in my terms and conditions they can do as they like with the payment.

I understand that the credit card is operated by a separate company from Nationwide so they are no doubt within their rights to do so. However, I thought I would flag this up for other Nationwide Credit Card customers as if you don't pay off the whole balance each month, (or even if you do) by delaying the application of your payment by up to 5 days you will be incurring additional interest on the balance outstanding.

My payment will not be applied to my account until tomorrow, a week later, so in my case they are taking the full 5 days to process it. And if you pay by cheque or at the bank over the counter then it may take longer.

Having read recently in the media that Nationwide are now going to charge for using their credit and debit cards abroad, one of the reasons I have both, then it is clear they are using this to increase their profits as more people may struggle to pay off their balance each month.

I am sure this applies to other credit card companies as well.


  • Robert_Sterling_3
    Paying in full monthly by Direct Debit is best.

    Paying the minimum payment by Direct Debit each month is OK and you can make random payments as well.
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  • Moggles_2
    Moggles_2 Posts: 6,097 Forumite
    Thanks for the feedback.

    In theory, transfers from scheme members to other providers are covered by the faster payments system but, IME, it still doesn't operate 24/7 even between accounts held by participating banks.

    I have to say that in paying on Thursday 26 February, you were cutting things fine, IMO. Most providers ask you to allow 4-5 working days. The time required is normally shown on the back of monthly statements.

    Might be an idea to set up a direct debit to pay the minimum amount. That way, it's Nationwide's responsibility, not yours, to make sure the monthly repayments get there at the right time.;)
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  • sarahs999
    sarahs999 Posts: 3,751 Forumite
    I don't trust anything that says it will get there the same day. I can't afford to - would lose my 0& deals if something went wrong. I know it's all supposed to work now within a day but it just doesn't, in my exxperience.
  • normanmark
    normanmark Posts: 4,156 Forumite
    Working days is what is applied here, not standard days, so the 5th working day from when they received it would be this Friday, which is obviously classed as late.

    Easiest way to solve this is to get a direct debit set up.
  • dc
    dc Posts: 2,547 Forumite
    Welcome to MSE,
    Rossa complain, both to Bank and credit card cos I think they had a probem this month. The person you spoke to is not aware of the Fexaccount workings. The Nationwide runs the card from Swindon and should listen to you, cancel interest and any late payment fee. if not contact the Bank by phone and/or message from your online account.

    If you transfer from a Nationwide Flexaccount to the credit card online, from memory it tells you " payments made before 6pm will reach your account (i.e. your CC) the next day, if made on a Sunday or Bank Holiday it will take a day longer" Seems Saturday is classed as a working day.

    I use the same system, and have a DD for the min payment, just in case I forget, so no late fee applies and pay 2 days before. Something strange happened to my account in Feb, the DD was taken late but no interest has been charged.

    HTHs dc
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  • ineedhelp2008
    I had a letter from Nationwide CC yesterday asking me to call them, which I did and the person who I spoke to didn't really seem to know what he was talking about but said it was because they hadn't received a payment from me in February? I said yes you have, in fact you have received three payments straight from my Nationwide Flexaccount in February, to which he ummed and arred a bit and then said that yes, but they hadn't 'cleared' from my flexaccount yet?!

    very strange, to which he asked me to check my flexaccount to see if they had gone out and to call back....he couldn't really get me off the phone quick enough which was a novelty! :rotfl:

    anyway i have checked my online banking today which is new statement day and they haven't charged me a late payment or anything, and it clearly shows the three payments.
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