can anyone help phone comapny TML

hi if anyone could help would be really greatful wot it is is that my sister-in-law has just set up a new business had BT for line rental but TML for calls she wants to cancel them as she has realised that basically charging her more than other companies this was set up in JUNE, but they are saying she verbally agreed to be in a contract with them for 36 months and the early termination fee would be £726.00 she has asked for the verbal recording which she then had to pay £10 for but now she is worried as she has already switched to another company which is Unicom who are saying she has to stay with them as she signed up to them on the 11.2.09 please help with some advice many thanks


  • billsavings
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    Dont know who TML are but if you enter a contract you can normally expect to have to pay a termination fee if you want to cancel it early.

    As far as Unicom is concerned out of the frying pan into the fire comes to mind. See: offer excellent rates and can be used by businesses without signing any long contracts.
  • burghleygirl
    Hi we too set up calls with TML as they claimed over the phone to be part of BT they took a termination fee out of our bank account of £576 as they said we had not paid the bill when we had oh sorry mistake they said but could not return monies for 5 weeks we invoked Direct Debit mandate from bank and recouped the money that way they still keep harrassing us we are in cumbria floods etc no business did not need this now - feel that they have broken their contract by taking unauthorised monies out of our account we have now cancelled direct debit and pay by cheque am I right in thinking they have defaulted on contract
  • Mark_In_Hampshire
    It all depends on whether you indeed had 3 year contracts. Did you?

    Were you informed of this when you took out the contract?

    Does any paperwork you received or terms and conditions point to this being the case?

    If you were indeed tied into a contract and terminated early, then you owe the money and if you've given them a DD mandate they can take what they like out of your account, although they are meant to give you notice first of X number of days, the "X" number should also be in your contract or terms.

    If when you tried to cancel that is the first you'd heard of the "3 years" term, then it will come down to your word against theirs e.g. whether it was made clear or not; how you signed up etc.
  • macman
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    If the contract started in June 2009, how long did she think she was signing up for? All telecoms contracts are at least a year, and many business ones are 2 or 3 years. Invariably these dubious resellers will not mention this, no doubt the terms are ticked away somewhere on their website and it's up to the buyer to establish the terms before going ahead. By using the service she has accepted the terms.
    Reading on through your post, it appears she had previously signed with Unicom in Feb 2009, so why did she break that contract after just 4 months to go to TML?
    I don't think she has any legal comeback, all she can do is cancel the DD and hope that they don't trash her credit record.
    These long-term contracts may have dubious legality, but at the very least she will be liable for a year on each contract, with the according early termination penalties.
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  • Jemma-T
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    She signed (albeit digitally) a contract so you must keep within it.

    If your relative denies the 36 month then what is she saying it is and what if the company recorded the call and proves differently?

    If she agreed less (or there was no mention) let the company take it to court or chase for the alleged debt. If she's a real company they may come chasing for the debt maybe less so if it's an idividual. Depends.

    If you need your line free just get a new one installed. Cancel all DD and unplug the old phone,

    Make sure you ask her if she's telling porkies or if she not too bright try not to get too involved obviously.

    My SIL used to cause me no end of time wasting. Putain :D
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