How do you get the best from a Solar charger?

I have had a solar mobile phone charger now since last year and yet it only seems to offer a very short charge indeed. The charge is so short, it cannot even half charge my Sony Ericsson phone.

Any suggestions on how you can get the best performance from one?




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  • is it one of the ones with a battery in it, that the panel charges first and then your phone takes charge from?

    If so, leave it in the sun for a few days to "fill", or if it has a mains or USB adapter, use that to "refill" it. They DO work, but we're only just coming out of the dimmer end of the year, so it won't give its best.

    I built my own, using 2 12volt 3 watt panels (£40), a 12v 4.5Ah SLA battery (£20), some scrapyard cigarette lighter sockets, and a car charger for the phone. I also use it to charge batteries, and might use it to charge my laptop in the same way. I'm pondering a cheapie 240v inverter for emergency power, allied to an old car battery (£5, scrapyard)

    I know it's a moneyspend that may look a tad daft,'s a hobby. I like tinkering, so I don't mind. :)
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