Newbie DFW.........Diary of Tisme 2009

Hi, I’m not really sure where to start so I’ll just waffle on for a while…….
I’ve been trying to post for a while but every time I send the post I’m logged out !? Very annoying, so wrote this in WORD and copy and paste it here this time ….live and learn eh!.
I re found this site at the beginning of feb and read the posts with interest daily, it was while reading a diary ( miss shoes, I think!? ) I felt inspired to begin my own diary so here goes……..

I’m 32 live with my partner of 8 years, I have two girls aged 10 and 12, both going on 18!! We have a lovely staffy called Molly, she’s my buddy.

I wouldn’t consider myself to have any hobbies as such, but do like gardening, but am more of a fair weather gardener than a hard core digging in the drizzle kinda gal!
I love car boot sales with a passion!
I’m not that into TV, although it always seems to be on! …I do like come dine with me and master chef but not into the soaps. I am a total LOST fan so no talking while that’s on I’m afraid!

Although I’m in debt, I am currently saving for a wii and wii fit, which on the surface doesn’t sound that great for a DFW but I’d normally whack it on my overdraft rather than save for it , so it’s a start eh !?

Whacking things on my overdraft is what has been my problem; I’m currently overdrawn on both my accounts and also have a personal loan.
Personal loan I’m not sure I can do anything about that at the moment; I would need a good chunk o’ cash to pay that off.
So I’m concentrating on the overdrafts.
Overdraft one……-£2,280
Overdraft two…..-£2,264
Total £4,544 + interest (?)

I hope this will post this time………..
Tisme xx


  • pixiechick99pixiechick99 Forumite
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    Hi there,
    Welcome to the boards:beer:
    I have 2 girls too - mine will be 10 and 12 in May...hard work sometimes (in particular no.1 daughter;) )
    Why don't you post a SOA soon....then the clever people can maybe help with cutting pounds here and there?

    Keep posting:D
    I really need to sort out a new signature!
  • TixyTixy Forumite
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    Hi Tisme and Welcome :hello:

    Glad you've managed to post this time. This site really is great for advice on all money matters (especially the DFW board). Looking forward to reading your diary. Like millyscarlett says posting an SOA is useful to you to understand exactly where you money goes, and to the peeps on here to give you advice. Also I highly recommend keeping a spending diary and writing down everytime you spend anything - mine was really eye-opening and highlighted where I could cut back.
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    Happy shiney new diary :)
    Glad that you refound us :)
    Pop up your SOA when u get a mo & keep posting!
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    Just thought that I would :hello:

    Plus just to echo what the others have said about an SOA and spending diary.

    Good luck on your debt free journey
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  • TismE_3TismE_3 Forumite
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    WoW thanks guys that was quick!!
    Thanks for the welcome:T

    I have read of SOA am i right in thinking there is a form i can fill out to help? if so where would i find this form!?
    Theres so much info on this site i keep getting lost while looking around!!

    Anyone got and spare elastic....could tie it round my ankle so i can find my way back!!:rotfl:

    Tisme x
  • I have just found it again, if you go to one of the threads at the top of DFW posts you will find it there. I have just filled mine in and being more truthful than i thought i realised i am in big doggy doo. not as much as most people on here but im losing my job in 3 weeks so im panicking!!!

    Well done on coming back
    Barclays OD -£805.93/limit £800 A & L OD -£350.00/limit £250
    HFC (laptop) £549.00, Barclays Loan £3033.00, O2 £331 (227.70 left)(defaulted):eek::eek::eek:
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    Hopefully that'll work.....;)
    I really need to sort out a new signature!
  • Thanks ,
    i will do my SOA a.s.a.p just took a look and its very detailed, most of the actually figures i have no idea of , so will have to do a lot of rummaging through paper work, thats if i can find it !! ( no real system in place im afraid...oppps!) :confused:
    I must get organised.
    so tomorrow i will get more organised, and start my spending diary,:T

    night night all.
    Tisme xx
  • TismE_3TismE_3 Forumite
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    Morning all :j

    Been up a while reading some posts and diaries already for a dose of inspiration....thank you x

    I have already tried to post this once today but was logged out again for some reason!? because i dont type that fast and advise on this would be great as its very annoying !:mad:

    Took Martin to bed with me last night!! :money: picked up his book The Money Diet yesterday at the car boot for 50p! is an interseting read and a real eye opener cant wait for next instalement tonight.

    Today is the only day i actually leave the house to work, so got loads to do, mondays are always hectic for me, partly down to leaving things to the last minute, naughty!
    With my new DFW life style this will help me become more organised i hope :rolleyes:
    dye hair......check
    unload car boot stuff from car
    sort out work stuff and load car
    buy raffle prizes for work
    not buy any thing else for tesco
    roll own ciggies for today
    tidy house a little
    load washer and clothes airer
    eat food already in house
    turn heating off before i go out
    drop kids at mums for the night ( hopefully! )
    wear slippers!!......Check
    eat before i leave for work
    start a spend diary!
    leave bank cards at home

    Better get cracking !! Have a great day all :j
    Tisme xx
  • TismE_3TismE_3 Forumite
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    yeahhhhhhhhhh it posted:T
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