Faulty - Sharp LC 37GA 6E tv

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Hi everyone,

My Sharp tv has developed a fault. When I switch it on - the screen is black (no picture) the sound comes on, and then it switches itself to standby.

Any ideas on how to fix it.

Thank you -


  • e00ce00c Forumite
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    My toshiba often does that... not sure if it's a fault.. or the way I turn it on o_0 it's still odd. I'm getting an engineer to come out and take a look at it... just in case it can affect anything else.

    Is it still under warrenty?
  • Hi eOOc - no afraid its out of warranty - its 3 years old.

    The sound is there but no picture. It turns its self to standby seconds after pressing the On button !!!

    Cheers ........
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