How many savings pots?

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My hubby says I am obsessed with saving lol I have

3 sealed tins which I save a few £ a week for kids spending money for holidays.
Sealed pot for OUR spending money for holidays
Copper pot for 1p and 2p which go to grandchild's account once it gets to a few £
Virtual sealed pot...............for whatever :rolleyes:
Holiday fund.............not paying for holiday until I have to , used to pay travel agent weekly but I may as well get the interest.
Emergency fund
Christmas money.......£40 a month.

So have 4 accounts plus 5 "pots". I know what is in each and what each is for, am I obsessed? I just liek to know I have XXX amount towards each thing as I think if all in one account would just get confused lol
TOTAL 44 weeks lose. 6st 9.5lb :T


  • I have 3 savings pots - one for notes, one for £2 and £1 and one for all other change. The notes one is for christmas, the £2/£1 is for holiday spends and the other is for a treat for the kids.

    I also have 3 savings account in the bank - one for my 'loose change' from my account, the other is for birthdays and days out, and the the third is for overpayments to mortgage. It is great seeing them increase each month, although I dont know how much is in each of the pots indoors as these are sealed.
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    I dont know how much is in each of the pots indoors as these are sealed.

    my holiday pot is a terrimundi which I only put notes in , so I write on outside what is in it as I will have to break it to open it anyway lol

    I am always buying moneyboxes and tins so if I decide I need anotehr "pot" I will have it lol
    TOTAL 44 weeks lose. 6st 9.5lb :T
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    I dont have 'real' pots, mine are virtual and are kept up to date on a spreadsheet, the money is transferred to a different account on payday. I have cut down on the number of them, lumping them in groups, Christmas and birthdays, used to be 2 individuals.

    I have 11, there is a fair bit in them as I have been saving for one item for over two years (another one to go:rolleyes:). I use a spread sheet I found on MSE ages ago!
  • I have
    Terramundi for £1/£2.00 coins, pillar box (with cat on top) money box for 1p/2p, cat shaped money box for 5p, old tin with hole cut in lid for 20p/50p.

    Hope to empty them all at end of year; hoping not to be so suprised this year that Christmas comes in December
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    chrissie57 wrote: »
    Hope to empty them all at end of year; hoping not to be so suprised this year that Christmas comes in December

    i have two pots indoors one for small change and one for 50p and 20p, i used to have 3 savings account virtual pots but ive lumped them together into one Easy ISA for the interest, im still keeping three virtual pot totals in my sig coz im saving for three different things
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    I have one Terramundi and I put £2 coins in it, no idea how much is in there, when I cannot get any more in there, I will hit is with a hammer and spend it on what ever I want for ME!
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  • At the moment I have an old Roses jar that has 1p, 2p, 5p, 20p and 50p's in it. I have a terramundi that is home to £2 coins. I have 3 savings accounts online - 1 for my car, 1 for my prescriptions/optical/dental and 1 is my virtual sealed pot.
    I'm hoping to open another 4 savings accounts (holidays and social funds) a regular or monthly saver for house deposit and an ISA in the next few weeks again for house deposit savings.
  • I have my tin with a slot punched into it for £2 coins - that's Center Parcs spending money and I have a £500 tin that I use for £1 coins and notes, that's to save for a new bathroom!
    We also have a jar for coppers and 5p's
    ...Linda xx
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  • I have 3 pots/jars in my room.

    One Hello Kitty Coin bank that i use for coppers and take to the bank every 3/4months when its full.
    One Magical Counting jar :) For silver and £1 coins
    And a sealed jar (from poundshop) for £2 coins
    I also have a savings account which i put the "odds" from my main bank account into, which i am saving for my spending money for Palma in March
  • I have 4 'e' accounts which are my virtual pots.

    Not sure if i'd be able to break one of those lovely terrimundis!

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