Tricky car insurance question, need advice please

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Hi there. I would like advice on this matter if anyone can help, I have a decent grasp of law but this one is a bit tricky to me.
In October 2005 I was stung doing 51mph in a 40mph zone. I wasnt very happy as there were no speed camera signs in the area and it was a mobile council operated speed camera that got me coming just off a downhill 50mph limit into a 40mph and they did me 100 yards after the limit dropped. But due to my job I decided that I couldnt really fight the ticket as it would be more trouble than its worth, so I paid up and got my licence endorsed.
However, recently I received a letter from Greater Manchester Central Ticket Office to state that the speed camera sign had been damaged in a RTC sometime before I was stung, and that they had received a complaint from someone and as such they were voiding all the tickets that people got at that point from the date of the RTC. As such they have requested that I return my licence so the points can be taken off again. This was my only ever endorsement and as such will leave me with no points again.
Anyhow, when it comes to the time in May when I have to renew my car insurance, do I need to declare this matter to the insurance company? Technically I have been convicted, and have basically admitted guilt by paying the fine and getting the endorsement, but if it is rescinded, do I still need to tell them? As my boss states, when you renew you generally speak to someone on the phone or do it via internet and they usually work off Yes or No tick boxes - to me I would suggest I have to say yes when asked about any convictions in the last 5 years, but obviously I dont want to have to pay even more for the bloody thing than I already do!
Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated as I just cannot seem to get my head around which is legally the correct thing to do! Thanks! :confused:


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    Hi - if they remove the endorsement from your licence then you are exonerated of any offence.No points = no crime = no insurance loading or need to tell your insurance company.

    Nice to hear that the Scamera partnerships are being honest enough to refund fines and delete points when they get it wrong.
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    yeah - if the points have come off then you have been exonerated - the insurance company will never know that you had points because they aren't there anymore - so dont tell them.

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    Well - in law you don't have to mention it.

    But you've been lucky. How about looking out for speed limit signs as well as cameras?
    Absence of a camera doesn't mean the limit doesn't apply. There could have been a cop with a speed gun there instead of a camera.
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