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  • In Warrington, we have our normal black bin (for non recyclable stuff) collected weekly. There is a garden bin for those who need it (dont have a garden so not entitled), and a blue bin for ALL recyclable stuff (plastics, tins, glass and paper). The only problem with the new blue bin is that they dont want shreded paper (presuming as the waste is handsorted??).

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    We have

    Fortnightly rubbish, green waste and plastic bottles (in a sack) collection
    Weekly recycling collection

    Works great and i find we produce about 2 bags of rubbish per fortnight (household of 4)
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    Here in Norfolk I have

    Green wheelie bin for general rubbish - fortnightly
    Black wheelie bin for recyclables - paper/cardboard,tins/cans and some plastic -fortnightly ( alternate week to green bin )
    Brown bin for garden rubbish,which costs £32 a year - fortnightly ( same week as black bin )

    They don't take glass,but I have a bottle bank a 10 minute walk away.
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    we`ve black bin..non-recycle , green rubbish, yellow bag..cardboard, blue bag..paper including shredded, red, another red box..tin/plastic. we also have a compost bin.
  • Late starters (as usual) down here on the South Coast - especially compared to my ex-Local Authority in North London, but here in Hastings/St Leonards we have:
    • Fortnightly collections of green bins (we have two of these) - fill with tins, paper, cardboard and plastics
    • Fortnightly collections of grey bins (we have two of these) - fill with non-recyclables.
    You have to pay extra for garden waste collection from the brown garden bins - not a problem for us as we have a garden incinerator, compost bins, wormery and bokashi.

    The above has only been in place since October 2008, so early days. We will see how fortnightly collections pan out over summer. It is also not available to all the streets where the Local authority deems it unsuitable.

    We also have a method of reporting fly tipping or street cleaning requirements over the internet via our environment section of the council web site.
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    Fantastic responses, one thing worries me - why don't we all have the same colour boxes/bins/bags for various jobs? Green would seem in most to be garden waste but in some is normal bins - very confusing.
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    In Devon we have...

    2 Brown Bags: (on hill, so cant have wheelie bin) once a week for housewaste. Enough room for 4 black binbags, but I put out more if we cleaning house up :D

    2 Green Bags: Every fortnight for recycling, which aint really enough if your got loads of bottled water :rolleyes:

    2 Blue Bags: Every fortnight for garden waste, but only from end of March to start of November
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