Something that flowers during this time of there anything?

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Hi everyone.

I tried googling but got nowhere so thought I'd ask on here.

I am looking for a flower/plant/bush that will be flowering right now. When I say right now, I mean that it still has to have flowers on it during this week of the year. I'd also like it to be something that I can plant and leave, not something that has to be dug up and replaced each year.

If there isn't anything that is suitable to be outside is there anything I can have indoors?

Thanks for any and all advice.


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    My mahonia is flowering like mad at the moment. Huge spikes of yellow flowers on it. And apparently you can make wine with the berries. :)
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    My forsythia is a mass of yellow blooms. Not too sure if this is the norm, but you could google it.
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    Try looking on the RHS site or Gardeners' World.

    Off the top of my head, and checking out of the window:

    Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) straggly, best tied into wall, showers of long stems with unscented yellow flowers, totally reliable.

    Winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragranitssima, or purpusii 'WinterBeauty' is the best)- makes large bush with small creamy white flowers, strongly scented.

    Coronilla glauca valentina Citrina - again, needs a wall, and best in a warm spot. Scented yellow pea flowers, all through from September to April.

    Most of the best winter flowers are on shrubs that are pretty uninteresting during the summer, and are best kept away from an eastern aspect, as sun on the frosted flowers can damage them
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  • Christmas rose is often beginning to flower this time of year. Slow to establish but once there it needs virtually no attention and flowers year after year
  • What about Hellebores- lovely flowers, a really wide range of colours, doubles, singles, speckles, plain etc? They live happily in shady places, look after themselves, but with occasional deadheading will flower longer. They self-seed, and will cheer you up at this time of year

    good luck!
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  • Primulas are in flower now and are easy to let go
  • I have most of the plants mentioned but my Mahonia is only in it's third year and has not flowered yet. Cyclamen are flowering and best of all, Wallflowers which have the most wonderful perfume and you can get some lovely colours in them these days; but I see you don't want to grow things yourself. One really good plant is Viburnum - I think it is V.Tinus which has nice white flowers and good shiny leaves. Very soon we will have a winter flowering hazel in full bloom (Haemorocallis?). This is also perfumed.
    Ooh, I can't wait to start sowing seeds.
  • I've got marigolds,pansies and geraniums in bloom at the minute.I did cut them all back but they just grew again and have started blooming.
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    I've got viburnum shrubs with pink and white flowers on at the moment.

    Also look at things with berries. I've got a shrub with masses of bright red berries on it right now which looks pretty but I can't remember it's name. It's got very dark green leaves, is everygreen and prickly, but not holly.
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    My Winter flowering Jasmine is spectacular at the moment and has been for nearly a month, its covered in bright yellow flowers , smells delicious and really brightens up the garden
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