Growing veg help please.

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Hello all,

Due to the current financial climate plus a couple of other unforseen incidences in our life we are really cutting costs wherever we can this year.

I am not very green fingered at all but would like to grow some veggies this year to money save but also as a bonding and educational experience with my children.

I havent a big garden so wondering if i could grow some out of pots / containers etc on the patio.

Any suggestions of which vegetables would be ideal and when to get seeds and plant would be gratefully received as i havent a clue where to start to be honest! :embarasse

Thank you
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  • Hi, the money saving and bonding dont always fit perfectly together but my grandkids love:
    1) planting seed potatoes in the buckets and better, emptying them when ready
    2) seeing courgettes grow and leaving one to grow into a marrow
    3) picking and shelling peas
    4) picking the runner beans
    5) hauling the onions out of the ground
    6) picking the soft fruit

    Radish are easy to grow but young children sometimes dont like the taste, same with lettuce. Herbs are better eg rosemary, as they can chop them and cook with them.

    Personally I'd leave the money saving to one side and just get them (and you) to enjoy growing better tasting veg and picking/cooking them :)
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    I started last year, and everything I grew was in pots or hanging baskets. I grew:

    Hanging baskets:
    strawberries (from plants)
    spinach (from plants

    Rocket (from seed)
    Herbs (from plant): oregano, thyme, sage
    Herbs (from seed): garlic chives, chives
    Tomatoes (small tumbler varieties from plants)

    There were definitely others but I can't remember them now.

    I just picked up some cheap pots from Tesco and planted the seeds or plants and crossed my fingers.

    I grew mine with my two girls (6 and 2) and they loved it - we really did get a lot out of it. We are already planning what to grow this year.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: I am also going to grow some little carrots this year - the Parmex variety - they work very well in pots
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