limited space and sun - what can I grow?

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I have a small, north facing garden which only gets sun from april/may to september and then only at the very bottom from 11am till 6pm ish. Last year we had 3 large tubs at the bottom of the garden where we grew mangtou (but only got one crop - the plant was ruined by mid august by slugs eating away at base so top half died), lettuce in another and herbs in the 3rd + a few smaller tubs. We also have a small planting area (approx 1meter by 3meters with a fence that could be used for climbers behind), which gets sun at the times above which currently has a few shrubs/flowers in. I would like to clear this land and use it but really want to make the most of what we have but is it worth it due to the limitations we have? what will grow well in small spaces and with the sun limitations we have?

Mortgage as of Feb 2015 - £153000 (30 years left on term). Aiming to be morgage free in 20 years or less.


  • In the shadier areas of my garden I grow raspberries and mint (the mint in a contained bed) and also lettuce and radish. My rhubarb is also semi shaded.

    FWIW I also managed to grow onions and kale in a semi shaded spot last year but I dont know if its recommended
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    Blackberries and raspberries are basically woodland plants, so will take a fair bit of shade, Redcurrants too.
    What about growing early spuds, plant them in late March and they'll grow during your sunny spell and be finished in about 10 - 12 weeks

    edit- forgot to mention, my all time fave alpine strawberries- i'malways going on about them. You can get seeds for a quid and thousands of plants, in the first year you might not get many but they will build up
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