Warning : Don't get overcharged on a good deal

I've been meaning to make a note about this for some time as a tip to others, hope it's useful.

If you arrange to change supplier of gas, electric or in fact any other utility bill, make sure you write down a note of the name and details of the tariff you have taken and any dates that are appropriate. Put these in your diary to remind you to double check them later. (I write the details down on the back of the last bill or letter then check that when I file the new one). So far this year I've had gas, electric and phone all get the rates wrong! I wonder how many people don't notice this and think they are getting a good deal when actually the utility company is making a tidy sum from their mistakes.

Example 1) :-
I recently arranged to change my gas and electric supplier to dual fuel with British Gas. I opted for Click Energy 5. A few months later a gas bill arrived with the tariff "Standard Energy", which was considerably more than the tariff I thought I'd signed up to. Luckily I'd made a note so I could quickly see that it was wrong. I called them and they gave me excuse after excuse that Click Energy was only available to customers who signed up online - I pointed out that I had email confirmation sent from them on the day I signed up. They begrudgingly agreed to change the tariff.

A few days later a revised bill showed up where they had changed the tariff, but halfway through the supply - so half the bill was at the old rate, and half at the new rate! A further 5 or 6 calls followed over the coming weeks - eventually both gas and electric were sorted, plus I got £10 credit for my troubles.

Example 2) :
I signed up for a free CallMobile plan with BT in January 2008. So far every bill I've been charged for it without the associated rebate. I've phoned every time - to date I've got half of it credited back to me, the other half I'm still phoning to try to get it rebated. It's usually the same story, I speak to someone who's mother language is not English and they tell me how wonderful CallMobile is and that it is not free. Luckily I made a note when I signed up and I even have a written letter from BT telling me it is free. They still argue, even though I've spent approximately 20 minutes on the phone to them which really outweighs the £3 ish they are overcharging; however to me this is a matter of principle! If even only 1% of the population were being overcharged in this way that could be extra £2 MILLION in the BT coffers!

So when you change your deal or supplier, make a note and check your first (2nd, 3rd,4th) bill to make sure they are meeting your expectations.


Total Debt 23/12/2007 = £15274
Total Debt 28/12/2008 = £2369
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