Staying warm

Not to be confused with the tariff with a similar name.

I know there's a lot on the boards about this topic but I was hoping someone more knowledgeable could point me in the right direction.

I have E7 in a 1 bed -probably because there are lots of flats where I live and the landlord wants to avoid having to pay for lots of gas servicing!

The problem is the way E7 works just doesn't work for me. I don't have the option of moving, I'm trying to find the cheapest supplier for my electricity but don't know what's available to me.

-I only use 1 of the 2 storage heaters (there is also 1 in the hallway and two wall-mounted 'standard' electric ones in the bedroom and kitchen).

-I have a shower by 10am latest but the water from the tank -heated between 12 and 4am is already getting cold after 5 mins.

-I try to do my washing at the start of the E7 hours and mostly fail.

-I use electricity mainly outside of the E7 hours mainly for lighting and computer (for work) plus a few hours of tv during the evening.

My questions are:
-Do I have to use an E7 tariff?
-If not, how can I find suppliers that will accept the different meter and still offer 'competitive' deals?

-Is it worth me investing in some portable heating? I'm disabled and due to the nature of it, I need to be quite warm if having to work/study from home. The storage heater doesn't really warm my little living room.

-Although the water tank heats up when electricity is cheaper, could I save by turning it off and putting it on towards the end of the heating period/when I need it if on a standard tariff? I feel I am wasting money because by the time I get going in the morning, I'm always having to put the booster on at daytime rates.

-Should I just invest in a good sleeping bag and cut armholes in the sides!?

Currently the flat is supplied by E.On at the time of me moving in. I was previously with Scottish Power but am reluctant to return to them as the began to plunder my account in error.

Sorry for the long(ish) post, any feedback is much appreciated.



  • coldfront
    Fair enough, perhaps I've asked too much!

    Could anyone instead tell me if someone has to have an E7 tariff when they have an E7 meter and if this could work out cheaper for someone who doesn't use most of their electricity during E7 hours?

    I don't have access to my meter and the person who does will soon be on holiday. I really need to compare my usage to the costs of the different plans over the next couple of days.

    Thanks again.
  • allan673
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    i would ask the landlord to be honest as im not sure if he has the final say or not about switching from e7? also phone the electric company.
    e7 isnt really beneficial for most people now, they think theyre better off with cheaper rates at night but they dont realise the rates are quite expensive through the day.
    sorry i cant be of more help, let us know how you get on.
    have you thought about a calor gas heater? cheap to run, maybe worth considering.delonghi metropilis or similar from around £70.
  • Magentasue
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    I think that you are saying Econ7 isn't viable for you because you don't use your storage heaters much. To be sure, you would have to cost your usage on a 'normal tariff' and compare. I used to think you had to use about 25% of your electricity in the cheap period to break even but I'm told that it can be more than double this on some Econ 7 tarriffs. So I think, if you use less than 25% of your elec at night time, Econ 7 isn't for you. If you use 60% at night, Econ 7 is probably best for you. Between 25% and 60%, you'e need to work it out.

    So, once you decide Econ 7 isn't for you, I think the easiest route is to ask Eon if they'll change your meter. If you search the forum you may find out whether they change your meter or just add the two readings together. If the info isn't here (I can't remember which suppliers are mentioned), you can ask them - some suppliers charge and others do not.

    If Eon charge, it may pay to switch to the best tariff of a supplier who doesn't charge and then get them to change the meter. You should be able to work out your annual usage from statements - just pick two dates a year apart.

    Storage heaters are expensive to run but generaly thought of as cheaper than portable heaters. Problem is they are background heating and often additional heating is needed. It's difficult because storage heaters use a lot of electricity but can use cheap E7 time whereas your plug in heaters would be using day time rates. Without E7, your daytime rate drops a little but your storage heaters would be horrendously expensive to run. As for hot water, if you are not using the water you heat overnight, it's wasted, but again, it's the cheapest way for you to heat water while on E7. Is it insulated? What temp is it set at?
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