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I am a new tennant in a 3 bedroom terrace.

Gas and electric is currently being supplied by npower.

Now, I have only ever bought gas on meters in previous properties and have never spoken to suppliers regarding setting up an account.

I read switch with caution on the MSE website due to a possible cut in prices in January.

Where do I stand with this?
Should I shop around and go with the cheapest? Can I claim cashback for switching?
Or should I just ring npower and stick with them until January.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


  • KimYeovil
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    I suggest applying for a dual switch to Scottish Power (by Sunday 21). This will give you £87 cashback.

    After a couple of months and you have an idea of your usage you can look up alternatives on a switching calculator. You are free to switch in the (very unlikely) event of early price cuts. No point sticking with nPower as they do not pay dual fuel discounts monthly (unless the prices in your particular region/meter type suggest otherwise.)
  • Airwolf1
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    Are you in a contract if switching to SP?

    I was wanting to change, but may leave it until the price reductions kick in.

    And make a note of your meter readings (to the OP) in case of disputes.
    My suggestion and/or advice is my own and it is up to you if you follow it, please check the advice given before acting on it.
  • JennyCourage
    I am with NPower and receive £100 per year discount, which means £100 of free gas & elec. per year. (Paid back into my bank account). I put it towards a holiday.

    Only conditions are "Pay for both electricity and gas by monthly direct Debit throughout the year" As quoted on my latest statement dated October 2008. (*Terms & Conditions apply subject to availability)

    I have had no problem refusing over -estimated direct debits, and no problem getting overpaid credit back. (0845 672 0073 for more information).

    I have a 1 bed. Flat, gas C.H. & cooker. A low user. £25. p.mth ( gas) (£300 per year less discount £100. ) So I only pay £200 per year, with £100 towards holiday.

    Hope this helps
  • JennyCourage

    I understand your concern and anxiety; as a newcomer, fear of the unknown, is perfectly normal. I hope the following helps, as you have "only ever bought gas on meters...........never spoken to suppliers re.setting up an account".

    Give NPower a chance. (I think, there's little difference between them all & you get £100 back - see #4)

    1. Check your meters, weekly & monthly. Know how much gas & elec. you use. My bills (to Oct & Nov) Average. Gas = £2.13 per unit. Elec.= 14p per unit. Both include vat. The unit is the number used on your meters. (I am with NPower). I do NOT have a Standing Charge for Gas or Elec. (Gas Kwh's priced on two levels:
    Tier 1 = 8.3p - Tier 2 = 2.4p

    2. Most likely you will encounter some problems in the future regarding over-estimated direct debits, and getting overpaid credit returned.

    3. Always get the person's name & use it. Stay calm, be polite, be firm, stand your ground, be armed with your usage evidence. Speak to a person on telephone (not email). There is always a person who understands and is reasonable. Just stick with it. Be patient. Stay in control.

    4. Keep the image in your mind, that they are just ordinary people, like you or me, someon's mum, son, etc., and just trying to earn a living. Yes, sometimes ill-informed, not well trained, not always pleasant etc., Yes, sometimes well-informed, well trained, often pleasant etc., just like society.

    5. See thread: 'Energy Direct Debit Overcharging: Reclaim Success' for 23 success stories, easily done, with no effort, using above principles.

    your fear & anxiety. Let me know if this helps and Good Luck in your new home.

    Kind regards

    p.s. Don't forget to stress you are a new customer & wish to qualify for £100 discount. See #4

    p.p.s.s. I suspect that if one supplier reduces prices in January, they all will, to fall in line and stay in the competition for old/new customers.
  • KimYeovil
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    (Shakes head. Shoe-horning Direct Debit nonsense into yet another thread.)

    JennyCourage's advice is incorrect. This is the worst possible time to choose nPower because of their discount. As you only receive their discount after you stay twelve months with them you will risk throwing away about £8 each and every month.

    Airwolf, you are not it contract with Scottish Power (other than the standard one month's notice) or unless you choose one of their capped tariffs (such as PriceSure).

    The current round of price changes have kicked in (okay - they were increases, not reductions) a few weeks ago so this is a good time to switch. It is after price changes have started that you may choose to wait to see how other companies respond. But I doubt there will be any unilateral price reductions as soon as January, anyway.

    A caveat to my original suggestion: if, Hippyer, you have three bedrooms and are planning to toast yourself silly over the next few months you should double-check Tier 2 prices and effective standing charges - if you have a very high consumption a cheaper tariff may outweigh cashback saving (not likely, though, as a lower Tier 2 unit price is usually coupled with a higher effective Tier 1 standing charge.) (eg, nPower Web14 is £11.81 standing charge and 3.1p and nPower 14 is £4.80 and 3.5p and Scottish Power is £3.19 and 3.56p and Click 6 is £7.53 and 3.38p. Prices and proportions in different regions vary. Get your calculator out.)
  • JennyCourage

    I would appreciate it, if you would not make personal reference to me in your posts. i.e. Thread: new Tennant 18 December 9.04 a.m. post #6, and hope that you respect my wishes.
  • tru
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    I would appreciate it, if you would not make personal reference to me in your posts. i.e. Thread: new Tennant 18 December 9.04 a.m. post #6, and hope that you respect my wishes.
    What a strange thing to say.

    If you don't want people to mention your comments on a thread that people are reading/posting on, then don't post at all. Or are we allowed to mention you, but only if we agree with you?

    I notice that you mentioned usernames in posts 5 and 7 :rolleyes:

    Did you really report Kim's post? :rotfl:
  • Magentasue
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    I don't think it's considered abuse if someone disputes the advice you've given, jenny. Kim has given figures to support his/her case - hippyer and airwolf need to consider both sides and make their decision.

    Hippyer, you've nothing to lose in looking at switching. If you have accurate annual usage figures, it's worth making a comparison. Even if you switched today, chances are you won't have to make a final decision this side of Christmas as you'll get a cooling off period. It is, of course, not a good time to switch to any tariff that ties you in. Taking that as a given, you can always switch again in the new year if it's to your advantage.
  • KimYeovil
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    Anyone who starts a paragraph on this forum with the phrase "Give NPower a chance" is hardly likely to be granted Rapunzelian shrift around here! Henceforth I shall not mention that poster by name. Instead I will talk about "the nPower shill". Hang on. That'll make be sound like 1CarmineStocky. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

    To be fair, MagentaSue, my opening facetious aside about the nPower shill in post six was hardly entirely innocent. ;) (Oops. Shouldn't have used that smiley, now I'll be sent to the Gulag on top of everything else!)
  • Vestra
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    First thing you need to do is call npower with the reading you took when you moved in and set up an account with them then switch.
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