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Hi Guys

I was wondering if anyone can offer any pointers for a query, my boyfriends parents have just received a bill for the past quarter for £350 which is a lot more than they usually pay they have checked the meter reading and it appears correct the house is empty during the day usually as they both work so there is nothing usually on during on a weekday until about 5ish and at the weekend. They are on a fixed rate deal with British Gas until 2011 and have their gas in the same package can't quite work out how it's this much is their any way this could be wrong or any way of finding out if theres anything in the house that is using a lot of power making it this much? Or is this just what everyone else is dealing with at the moment?
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    you can buy plug in meters for abouit £12 that will allow you to see the power draw of a device and estimate its cost
    it could also be that your previous bills were estimated and this one is using a proper reading and the estimates were lower than actualy used!

    I have just moved into a property and they estimated our readings for the first bill VERY VERY low, and ive worked out the first month of the next bill is going to cost £200 for both gas and elec to catch up! Should work itself out as we are around £180 in credit!!
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    If their bills have been estimated in the past then they may have gone in arrears, and this quarter now includes this amount. You can watch the meter to see if it is moving
    when all things are switched off......... a 1kw fire on for one hour should register as one unit on the meter. It has been known for a neighbour to steal electricity, usually if you live in a terrace..... regards..bri
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    What has increased? Just the amount per quarter or the number of kwh used?

    It would be helpful to know how many kwh they used this time last year and how many this year.
  • peace-babies
    Thanks for the info guys, they will have a look at the last few bills they have had to see about the kwh and see if thats similar or a massive diffence and then get them to check which is using the most amount of electric.
    I know the rules of punctuation and grammer I just choose to ignore them (or forget them half the time)... Apologies in advance
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