Gas & Electricity Bill = Ouch!!


I moved into my new flat in September - its a 2 bed single glazed tenement on the 1st floor. Im the only occupant.

Im with Scottish Power and today got my first full Quarterly:

£228 for Gas/Electricity

£176 for that was for the Gas!

Is that high or to be expected with regards to the recent price hikes? If it is high, does anyone have good energy saving tips? Im not switching until 2009.


  • Magentasue
    Magentasue Posts: 4,229 Forumite
    First of all ... are the start and finish meter readings actual or estimates?

    Advice ... erm ... turn the heating down! Heat less water ...
  • marginalone
    They were actuals.

    Ive not got the heating timed.. I put the dial up to 30.
  • Magentasue
    Magentasue Posts: 4,229 Forumite
    They were actuals.

    Ive not got the heating timed.. I put the dial up to 30.

    Depends where thermostat is etc but ours is set to 21deg evening and evening, 19deg when we're home all day and 16deg when we're out.

    We like it warm but not that (30deg) warm!
  • allan673
    allan673 Posts: 1,213 Forumite
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    my thermostats at 20 degrees, plenty warm enough.
    try it at 20???
    to be honest thats around the same as my bill for a 3 bed house
  • KimYeovil
    KimYeovil Posts: 6,156 Forumite
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    Ive not got the heating timed.. I put the dial up to 30.

    You're 'avin' a larf!
  • marginalone
    I wish i was!
  • Trune
    Trune Posts: 66 Forumite
    well turn it down.

    you could at least use a little of your own initiative before asking other people.

    Did you not concider maybe your insane thermostat setting may have something to do with it? lol.

    your bills are a little high tho, especially how much of it is gas. Tho most of my bill is gas. i got a 2 bed flat, i pay £80 a month combined, but actual usage is £25 in summer a month, and £40-60 a month in winter.
  • sc0ttyb0y
    Used to pay 50 a month in the winter & approx 35 a month in the summer for both gas & electric ,that was for a 2 bed flat with Scottish Power .

    But we didn't have it like a sauna at 30 ;)
    Gotta love a good bargain !
  • A_fiend_for_life
    Cripes is there a vacancy upstairs?:)

    How many days is it for by the way?

    As above try 20 or even 18 if your comfortable with that. You can turn the heating down in the rooms your not using. Try turning it off at night if your not doing so - about an hour before bed perhaps.

    It is a high bill. Even more so if you are out of the house all day. (Approx £40 for 70 to 100 days of electricity suggests you might be out most of the time!).

    Might be worth posting what supplier and product your signed up to. Some deals are high cost for the first few hundred kWh so Judging by your electricity usage it might be worth making sure you are on the right deal too.

    There are some threads on 'old style' and 'green and ethical' boards on energy efficiency.
  • dogshome
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    Hi MARGINALONE - You say it's your 'New' Flat with Single glazing, so I assume it's either a conversion or an older purpose built flat. If it is a conversion it's not unknown for the metering for each flat to be wrongly connected - Suggest you do two things:
    1Knock on the doors of the other tenants, no bad thing to get to know the neighbors, and try to get an understanding of thier level useage
    2 Turn off all the gas appliances and go away for a couple of days , check the meter before you close the door and check it again on your return. If the meter's moved phone the Gas Supply Co. as you have either a leak, a faulty meter or are paying for someone elses gas
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