Best way to hang decs/craft items from the ceiling/walls?

Hi guys

I'm not very 'crafty' so wondered if you could lend some advice on the best way to hang items from the ceiling without having to bang nails into the ceiling. I've tried blu tac but it just wont hold. I've got lots of glass baubals that I'd like to hand from the ceiling, using clear plastic string.

Any tips would be much appreciated! :T



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    I am also planning to do this and was thinking about making a washing line type contraption across the length of the room, as close to the ceiling as possible (one drawing pin at each end) from clear thread and then tying the other decorations from that at various heights, also with clear thread. Hope that makes sense!
  • Hi

    This is what we have done for the last seven years. We have hung four garlands which are secured by using small wallplugs and threaded hooks, then after christmas the wall plugs are left in and polyfilled over.

    This is how it looks when we've finished. We hope this helps you. :)


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