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Electricity costs per unit

I'm keen to know what people pay per kWh (=unit) of electricity. I haven't been able to find this information from the net.

In France, where over 80% of electricity is generated from Nuclear, the cost on the standard tariff is 9cents or about 7p.


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    With all due respect, I don't think you've looked very hard have you? Most suppliers have this information on their websites. The comparison sites above in the resource bar also gives this information.

    Unit prices for electricity are only part of the story - you then need to factor in all the various discounts most suppliers allow in their confusion marketing.

    Do French customers pay a standing charge? Many UK ones don't, although it shows in 2 tier pricing of units with most suppliers.

    Edit - yes it looks like a standing charge is typical:
    About €356 p.a for a 15kWh supply and €440p.a. for an 18kW supply - most UK domestic properties have a 24kW supply.

    That link shows a typical annual bill for 5000kWh used 60% at low night rate to cost 593.69€ (and that's only for a 9kW supply, so only 189.09€ standing charge)

    Similar consumption used in the East Midlands Region of the UK (price varies slightly by region), shows that a UK customer would pay as little as £452 coincidentally from EDF energy (source: energyhelpline) even though unit prices quoted are 21.851p for the first 250 kWh per quarter, and 9.377p thereafter and 4.946p cheap/night rate , or about €537 at current exchange rates after all applicable discounts, or £619 (€735) with e-on on their most expensive tariff
    (there are a couple of more expensive minor suppliers too)

    Edit 3: Those French costs are based on 2004 values.
    Todays values are here:

    This shows for a 24kW supply, there is a €762.73 annual standing charge and unit prices are 11.06cents & 6.73 cents
    So annual bill would be €762.73 + (2000 x 0.1106) +(3000 x 0.0673) = €1185.83
    or about £998

    ... and people call this Rip Off Britain! I can almost smell the lamb burning as I post!
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  • rogermunns
    As a matter of interest, I was able to buy a house here from money I earned in UK from 1990 to 2002 in the field of electricity tariff saving analysis consultancy. I saved large companies hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    So I do know a bit about the subject.

    I live in France, I am supplied by EDF and I pay a standing charge of €9 (about £7) a month.

    Admittedly, VAT at 19.6% is payable on nearly all the bill.

    In a recent 2-month period I paid €96 inc VAT for 702 kWh. This makes the overall price just under 14c (11.5p) a unit.

    The point was to show how cheap Nuclear-generated electricity is.
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