Equigas meter prob

hi guys got a letter today informing me that my meter is broken... I would only have to put £1 pound on the gas card pop it in my meter to fix it....

let me give you a little background and see what you think...

In April this year I started putting a little money each week on the meter while not using the gas as I have only one gas radiator and its off during the summer.I work as a temp and I can loose my job any week..I know for a fact the factory I work at is closing..turns out it will be about Christmas time but I managed to "save" up 100 pounds and began using this in September..its about 5 to 7 pounds a week depending on tempreture ...weather etc etc..

during a phone call to Southern Electric I was told that amongst other things that I was not using enough gas...also I should top up every day !!! and that the meter would need replacing and I would have to pay ..!
Obviously "to me" I had paid for the gas or some of it a least at the old price and they were now trying to force up the price on the meter... the letter also states that unless I put the £1 on I would start to be billed for the extra gas....that I had got for "free"

to me a contact is a contract and if I buy gas at that price thats the deal...I don,t get billed for the petrol in my car the day after the price goes up..!

Can they do this..?..is,nt it just what they do when the by gas on the open market...
will they send me a letter when the prices fall and tell me to put a pound on the gas meter so I get it at the lower rate...?
some how I doubt it...

where do I stand legally if I don,t pay the bill... I,m not asking them for the interest on the pre-paid money...
by the way I have also over payed on both my last electric bills by 100 pounds because of my job situation ...
good customer or what...or maybe just dumb..!
thanks for any replies...




  • tonester
    sorry for the double post my mistake
  • Pssst
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    Does the meter index (reading)rotate when you have the gas on ?
    If so then your gas useage is being registered. It is no business of theirs when you choose to use it as long as you pay for it (which you apparently have) and that the meter is registering. Or have i not grasped the issue?
  • olly300
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    I'm confused also.

    As far as I can make out:
    1. You put your spare money on your prepayment meter in summer
    2. Southern Electric decided that because the amount of money on the meter was a lot that there is something wrong with the meter.
    3. Southern Electric are asking you to put £1 a day on the meter due to the fault with the meter

    Anyway do you have the receipts for all or some of the money you put on the meter?
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  • tonester
    thx for the reply,
    yes I have some receipt Its an electronic card meter so its "digital" you can see the money going down max about a £1 a day (very cold) a cold week is approx £7...usage
    I,m not complaining about the money /cost.. its more the principal of back paying.
    I stress that I think that is what is going on....
    I,m guessing again it may cost me about 5 pounds more ....although they said that the cost will not rise I could check the unit cost by reinserting the card .....but there is more money on there.....1
    It seemed the girl was desperate to get this card in the meter no matter how many "lies" she had to tell.....
    the funniest bit was the girl saying that Ebico customers were getting gas for free,my partner immediatly came out with...."do they dual fuel" nice one...!
    at the end of the day they can only charge you for what you,ve used......

  • Premier_2
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    With gas & electricity, the price increases from the day they announce it.

    Obviously it's not practical for a meter reader to come and reset everyone's PPM on the day a price change takes place.

    The modern way, like your meter, is to reset the unit charge the next time you top it up.

    I think I remember reading that SSE (and so presumably ebico too since they use SSE for billing purposes) have agreed not to back bill any price increases for PPM customers.

    Edit: This appears to be where SSE has failed to update the meter
    Perhaps where they consider the customer is the cause of the failure, they will charge the customer the difference.
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  • lemontart
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    have you a debt with the gas company that you were supposed to be paying off via the prepayment mtr?
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  • dn852k4
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    Am I right in thinking that if ebico were rumoured to be increasing their prices within the next week. I could whack on £200 on the prepayment meter, and I would be charged at the lower rate until the £200 runs out?
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