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Have to share good news - am going to be a doggie foster mum!!!

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Have to share good news - am going to be a doggie foster mum!!!

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Princess_Fiona_2Princess_Fiona_2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Pets & Pet Care
I am just so excited had to share it with you all. Have just received the telephone call to tell me that I have been okayed to be a foster mum for a rescue dog. I shall be going tomorrow to meet the new addition. I cant wait. Well that's my good deed for the next several years. I have already got a 14 month old staffie pup. I've got the time and patience to take on another dog but i didnt want to go out and buy another puppy I wanted to offer a home to an older dog who had been rescued. These always seem to be the ones overlooked for the puppies. Bet I wont get a lot of sleep tonight!! Will let you know how I get on. :j


  • BossybootsBossyboots Forumite
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    Good on you. My friend also does this for dogs from homes that are breaking up while their owners relocate so she only has each one a few months.

    Our dog is too old to consider taking another one in but when the inevitable happens, this is something we will consider applying for as well.
  • Congrats! and good luck with the new addition to the family!
  • DaisyNelsonDaisyNelson Forumite
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    Well done to you for doing this. I'm sure you'll give it a good start before it goes to permanent home. Good luck.
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  • kitkit Forumite
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    Well done - it will be worth it :beer:

    Can I just take the chance to remind people that the RSPCA are usually looking for people to foster small animals..... hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs etc etc. The RSPCA pays for their upkeep, all you have to do is look after them.
    I currently have 2 hamsters and 1 rabbit fostered from the RSPCA - the hamsters are 2 of 14 that were dumped on the doorstep of the RSPCA offices and the rabbit is 1 of 5 found dumped in a country lane.

    It takes very little time and it helps the RSPCA and the animals greatly.
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  • SnowyOwl_2SnowyOwl_2 Forumite
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    Good on you Princess Fiona giving an older dog a home. I really don't understand why so many people must have a pedigree dog when your average Heinz 57 is just a big old bag of love and affection....what more could anyone want in a dog? How do we spread the word though...over here in N.Ireland we have the most healthy unwanted dogs put down out of all the four parts of the UK. It's something to be ashamed of.

    I've taken in rescue cats (I work full-time otherwise I'd have dogs as well), & currently have two who are absolute beauties. One was a kitten from an unwanted mother (sigh), and the other one was abandoned/got lost and nearly died of starvation before being picked up from the streets.

    My vet tells me that he gets calls from people who don't want their animals any more and want him to put them to sleep - how callous people are, he is often the first port of call for these people. He always refuses, and encourages the people to call rescue centres and so on rather than killing or dumping their pets. If only there were more people like you!

  • NikkiNikki Forumite
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    Well done and congratulations to you. I'm amazed people can be so uncaring about pets, we found 3 newborn kittens(parents were 2 of many wild/abandoned cats in the area). After phoning the sanctuary and getting a vet to check them over, we decided to hand rear them ourselves. The smallest one died(they all had cat flu and she was too weak to fight it off)after 2 weeks, but we were all really upset about it even after that short period of time. Now the other 2 are happy 8mth old kittens and as much a part of the family as the rest of us. I have thought about taking in other cats/ kittens, but our female kitten is very nervous and is easily upset so I won't at the moment.
  • Well done Princess Fiona!

    It's a wonderful thing you are doing - I didnt know fostering them existed. I hope your new four legged friend brings you lots of love and laughter for the time you have him/her.

    Like Snowy Owl, I work full time otherwise I'd do the same as you. I took in a rescue cat ten days ago and my house has finally become a home.

    Good on you!

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  • Congratulations Princess Fiona!

    I know the feeling. I've just started fostering for the Cat Protection League. It works a little like the RSPCA. I have a cat that I look after until a suitable owner is found. The CPL provide everything I need and I can concentrate on looking after the cat. My DD wanted a kitten, so I suggested this which is so much more rewarding because instead of helping one cat, we can helps lots of them!

    And at this time of year, when so many "Christmas presents" are abandonned, I'm glad I can do something positive.
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