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My little boy (3 weeks old) is currently feeding on SMA Gold, quite a lot I might add !!

Does anyone know of a good cheap place to buy it? Or any offers/promotions I can use etc to get it cheap?

I heard boots in Cardiff were doing 3 for 2 but doesn't seem to be down in my local one.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Phil

    you'll probably find that the 3for2 in Boots was actually for their follow on milk Progress. shops are not allowed to promote infant formula, if you have a loyalty card for eg Tescos you'll find you don't get points when you buy baby milk.

    I only breastfed my first for a few days, i didn't get on with it for various reasons, anyway the cheapest place to buy baby milk for him was at a baby clinic. Your health visitor should be able to advise.

    When i had my son 4 years ago, the tins of SMA worked out £1 cheaper than anywhere elso.
    When i had daughter last year SMA was only a few pence cheaper, but other makes noticeably milupa was several pounds cheaper.

    best wishes :)
  • Thanks Spendless :)

    What a bummer eh !
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    I found wilkinson's was the cheapest for SMA.
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    I have done reading too!
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  • Thanks Ssaver - I will check it out :)
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  • Some ones selling it on ebay for 2x900g tins for £8.99 By the time you add the postage of £4 its not worth it - Adsa were the cheapest for me
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    Watch out for people who sell it privately - make sure it is sealed and that it is well within current usage date!

    Shops are not allowed to discount artificial milks for babies under 6 months and no coupons are allowed either. I think that the baby clinics are the cheapest, but some baby clinics will not keep it outside the cupboard and you will need to ask the nurse or health visitor for it.

    I am not sure whether this is right but I think that people on benefits may be able to get some formula milk for free - anyone here knows anything about this?

    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
  • Families in receipt of qualifying benefits (including Income Support) or Child Tax Credit and have a family income of less than £13,480 can get milk tokens. Babies under 1 get vouchers sent for 4x900g infant formula every 4 weeks ( which can also be used to get 4x7 pints of milk for breastfeeding mothers). Children aged 1 to 5 get vouchers for 4x7 pints of milk sent every 4 weeks. Liquid milk tokens can be exchanged at supermarkets, but infant formula tokens can only be exchanged at certain places, usually health clinics.

    Tokens are issued by the Token Distribution Unit - 0845 850 1032. I'm not sure what info they can give over the phone so its probably best to call the Inland Revenue helpline on 0845 300 3900 who should be able to confirm if you qualify.

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    I always get my milk from the local baby clinic. To date (3 yrs & 2 kids later!!) they have never asked me if i am on any benefits (i'm not) to qualify for cheap/free milk. I get Actimel first, the most expensive there for £4 something in the shop its £6+,SMA is even cheaper.
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    Boots are currently offering extra advantage card points and/or discounts on all their follow on milks (6 months +). I don't know how common these discounts are as I breastfeed, but may be worth stocking up if the dates on the tin meet your baby's age.
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    have you not got a clinic at your local gps surgery if not ask your midwife/health visitor were the nearest one is.. ours do milk on tues and thurs and its cheaper by quite a bit than the shops...
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