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  • eyh i doubt that includes the battery as the battery is usuall excluded from insurances anyway.
    thank you for all the info everybody :):)
    so if i have a fault id have to contact DSGI which will basically have to say that the laptop is not fit for its purpose? or is this for if there is a fault? [ bit confused by your post mrmaccain]

    what am i covered for under the normal 1 year guareentee?faults?

    again thanks for answering all my questions :)
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    Question about the sales of good act MrMcCain - I bought a acer laptop from Comet (no extended warranty) in early 2006 and the LCD Screen has gone (there is a line of different colour running down the screen) would that be enough of a defect to enquire about the sales of goods act? What kind of model did you get as a replacement, one with similar specs and price to the one you paid? did it take long from the first letter/email to DSGI to getting the replacement?

    Pretty sure with an lcd defect they'd just replace the lcd and return the computer.

    mrmccain wrote: »
    Your house insurance will protect you from damage but not faults. The Sale of Goods act states that no matter what you buy it must be worth the money you paid for it. So it is reasonable to say that a Laptop should effectively last 5 years. If the product is out of the 12 months store guarentee they will generally refuse to fix it free of charge. They will direct you to their customer services department who will tell you to get an independant engineers report listing the faults and probable causes and the cost of repairs. Instead of contacting the customer services you need to contact DSGI Retail office directing you letter to the Company Secretary (at present her name is Helen Grantham and email address is [EMAIL="helen.grantham&#64;dsgiplc.com"][email protected][/EMAIL]. The address is DSG Retail Ltd, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7TG. I have just been through this and have just been offered a replacement laptop for my 18 month old one. You must also log your complaint with the trading standards.
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    Think of it this way. You would be paying £120 per year for this extended warranty just in case it were to break down (and doubtless there would be lots of clauses in the warranty anyway). You have to weigh up the liklihood of problems and bear in mind how long you think it is feasible to keep the laptop. I know computers can be funny !!!!!!s at the best of times but after less than 3 years you've spent in warranty what your laptop cost you.
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