plz help me with money

hi im 13 and i really need to make money because i dont get pocket money and i cant do a peper round (all taken ;_; ) so plz can anyone give me any ideas? plz!:confused::confused::confused:


  • srichards
    srichards Posts: 226 Forumite
    The best way to get some money, is to do what my son and I do.

    He offers to help around the house, do a bit of ironing, clean his room and help look after the pets. And he earns some money doing this. He then saves it up for something big or he gets all excited and blows the lot of stickers, Match attack cards or sweets.

    It works well, he gets something and I get something.

    He's 10 btw.
  • halight
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    Hi mate,
    How about doing some dog walking for any local people that dont have time or may not be upto it in the winter because of there age?
    You could ask for £5 for an hour walk.
    :jYou can have everything you wont in lfe, If you only help enough other people to get what they wont.:j
  • srichards
    srichards Posts: 226 Forumite
    yeah but its dark early and he's a young 'un. If his mother has any sense she wont be letting him out in the dark, so he perhaps wouldnt get long to do it after school.

    (he or She btw)
  • im a he bty and i guess i could try doin jobs around the house.....

    and ur right my mum wouldn't let me out!
  • srichards
    srichards Posts: 226 Forumite
    Ah good for you.

    Honest it works a treat.

    Just say mum if I do the washing up, and put it all away tidy can I have a pound?

    or mum can you show me how to iron my school shirts, and I'll do them for a pound?

    Initially she might faint, but after that she'll love it. And before you know if you would have clocked up a good bit of dosh. Keep it up with no arguments and she'll be buying you Fable 2 or whatever you want.

    Trust me, Im a mum, and I know how we can be bought!!

    I dont know what kind of son you are, but I hope you put your arms around your mum, give her a hug and tell her thank you and you love her.

    you can get anything out of us then!!
  • lol kk ill do tht!
  • PasturesNew
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    If there's a few dry sunny days, you could look out for long lawns and knock on their door and offer to cut their lawn with their mower "last cut before the winter?". Be careful if it's an electric mower though. If you cut through the wire you will die....

    Many people have a mower and look at their grass and just don't fancy it. If you could make it go away for them they'd be so pleased. And, it's high paid too. You could charge £7/hour most times and completely get away with it. Always wipe down the mower when you've finished (ask them for a small brush and maybe a damp cloth) and if there are leads wrap these neatly round it when you've finished. Also, extra time if you gather all the grass into one area for them or ask if they've got a recycling box for grass cuttings. It all adds up!

    I asked a professional gardener to cut my grass, he supplies all his own gear and would be quite fast. He wanted £70 for what would have been a max of 4 hours' work. So being slow and new, £7 should be achievable. Just smile and do it at a good pace.
  • good idea! ill do that definetly but not now because its too cold aint it? ill definetly do it after winter! at those prices!
  • dominos
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    How about trying some survey sites? I know that onepoll do one for kids, think its called youngpoll.

    I've been doing onepoll for the last month or so and I'm up to £15. You have to wait until you reach £40 for a payment but its a few minutes a day answering surveys and it's nice seeing your payout rising everyday.
    I don't know about youngpoll, but check it out- I'm sure that there must be others out there for teenagers.
    Best of luck :D
    "I see no point in money, except to buy off anxiety.
    I don't want to be rich. I want to be unanxious"

    Sir John Betjeman

  • dozygirl
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    my 2 children drew up a list of jobs an put monetry amounts next to them for each one. They then did a list for each day of the week. It was stuff like washing car @.00 , emptying dishwasher 25p,
    When they presented it ot me i was surprised at first and then really pleased that they had done something ike that themselves without the nagging from me to do jobs.
    They would come and see me each Saturday morning and i would put together a pay packet for them. I added to it with extras, or deductions for things eg only done a poor job on washing car, etc. or put bin out when i had gone to work and forgotten. Thye really got into it in a big way, and earned a fair bit.
    The catch was for them, that they used that money to save up for things they really wanted, and i got help reound teh house.
    Now that my son is 17 and earning a bit whilst at college, he has a sensible attitude to money, where some of his friends cant seem to keep holdof it and blow it all as soon as they get paid.

    Even my 15 year old daughter still does jobs on list to earn her pocket money and is very thoughtful about every purchase she makes.

    Good for you for wanting to earn yourself, i hope your parents are proud of you.
    :eek: grocery reduction planning now down to 50.00 per week
    seriously on track to be debt free in 12 months.......
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