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;D ;DNow I am getting old and infirm at the right old age of fifty I have found my hearing has deteriated to the extent that I need a hearing aid. I did have a NHS one suppied a couple of years ago but found it did not really help. It makes every thing load and I still cannot hear all the higher frequency sounds. I am afraid I need something a bit better such as a digital in the ear type one. I have had a quote from one company, following a home visit and they recommended an aid that will probaly cost between £4000 and £7000. Good job I was sitting down at the time!
Can any one give me any advise or where to go to buy a more reasonably priced product.
Ps Please type replies as loud as possible as I am a bit deaf
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  • I take it from your post the hearing is impaired in one ear only................or is it both ??? :)
  • My mum wore hearing aids from her late 20s - she'd lost her hearing after an illness.

    Anyway, she found the NHS ones absolutely useless, and they paid for private ones. Having said all that, they weren't digital - and usually cost around £800 or so - but the last one bought was almost 10 years ago.

    So not much help, but how about contacting the RNID for advice?


    Buying a hearing aid?

    This is what it says about the cost of digital aids:-
    "Can I buy digital aids privately?
    Yes, it’s possible to buy digital hearing aids from high street dispensers, but the cost of buying them privately is very high – up to £2,500 for each aid. If you choose to buy privately, you’ll want to be sure that what you’re getting is right for you. See our factsheet Buying a hearing aid? for more information"

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  • Also be aware if it's only one ear digital ones give a millisecond delay and can be hard to cope :-/
  • Thanks for the advise and yes my hearing is impared in both ears but the right one is worst than the left. I believe that may be due to driving miles as a rep on motorways with the window open in hot weather.
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    Hi Bill

    Have you had your hearing loss checked out by you gp?

    The reason i ask is because a few years ago i suddenly got impaired hearing in my right ear (i was 34), and following checks with my gp i was sent for an MRI where it was discovered that i have an acoustic neuroma (a benign brain tumour)

    A hearing aid wouldn't work for me - something to do with where the problem lies -

    Anyway don't wish to scare you, my condition is rare but might be worth a visit to your doctors to discover root of problem

    best wishes :)
  • Couldn't agree more Spendless,my hearing problems were from childhood and a few years ago it was presumed I would get benefit from hearing aids unfortunately things hadn't advanced enough that my particular problem was picked up and I was given aids which did more harm than good (blocked air circulation and exaccerpated the problems) more ops followed and there isn't anything that can be done now:-/..............these days they are a lot more aware and can prevent this sort of thing.............................so always visit the GP,even before altering the type of aids :)
  • :):):):):):):):)
    Thanks every one for your words of advice. I have had my hearing tested by the GP a couple of years ago however the hearing has been steadily deteriating since then. Probaly due to noise damage suffered in noisy engine rooms during my time in the merchant navy.
    I have an analogue NHS aid but that is of no use to me at all. I hear all the sounds I can hear only louder, but still cannot hear the sounds I cannot hear!
    Have tried to obtain a digital one on the NHS but face a wait for upto two years. I did however visit a local hearing aid dispenser who gave me a hearing test, and then demonstrated what a hearing aid would be like by programming a hearing aid for each ear( I was still connected to the computer by wire similar to headphones). All I can say is WOW I had forgotten what it was like to hear properly and to hear conversations without having to concentrate on every word and guess what was being said. I was sold on them even though I would have to wear a 'behind the ear' type. I did manage to negotiate a huge price reduction to less than half of my previous quote and even got a watch in the deal that is also an infra red controller for the hearing aids.
    Overall very much lighter in the wallet now but am now excited to receive the hearing aids after Christmas!!
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    Have tried to obtain a digital one on the NHS but face a wait for upto two years.
    I was going to ask if you had enquired recently about digital on the NHS, because I know in both London and Bristol they are starting to prescribe digital. I've been referred to the hearing aid clinic but but haven't even asked what the waiting list is because I'm waiting for an op and don't want an aid before that.

    But what Traf said was very useful, didn't know digital was less useful for just one ear and as my loss is just one ear I'll bear that in mind!

    Hope you love your new hearing aids!
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  • I remember when Mum first got her private hearing aids - she had a smile on her face for a week! :D

    Excellent news !
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