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Car accident

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Motoring
Last Wednesday, I was stationary at a roundabout in a short queue of traffic. I was the last car. The girl behind didn't slow down, and hit the back of my car.

She admitted it was her fault at the scene and apologised. She didn't have her insurance details with her, so gave me her name, address and mobile phone number. She told me her car was a birthday present from her parents, and she would rather settle the repairs by paying my bills rather than involving insurances, but I said I wasn't happy about that and would be contacting my insurance when I got home.

Between Wednesday and yesterday, she has had numerous messages left on her mobile left by both me and my insurance company asking for her details, but all calls have been ignored.

I've had my car in for an estimate at the approved garage yesterday. I don't know how much the cost of repairs are yet, but it needs a new bumper, new rear panel, new piece to fit the foglight back in, and repairs to the exhaust. I assume that will not be cheap to fix.

I managed to find the girls home number from directory enquiries and called yesterday afternoon. I spoke to her mother, who gave me a sob story about not ringing back as their dog had died and some other problem about cattle. They live on a farm. While I am sorry to hear that, it's nothing to do with me really! She said the girls usual car was in being repaired and she'd taken the farm runabout car without their knowledge. She said they have a number of insurances to cover all the farm vehicles, so she didn't know which policy the car was covered on. She said they wanted to settle by paying my bills in case the girl wasn't insured on the car she was driving. I said I was still dealing with my insurance company, and needed their policy details before my insurance will authorise the repairs. She said she'd get her husband to ring me back last night as he deals with insurance, but he never did.

I'm just so cheesed off now. I need my car fixed as it's the only vehicle I have and because I work from home, it's essential that I have it. I am still using it as I cannot afford to turn work away (single mother with only my income coming in).

I'm so cross that this happened and it wasn't my fault, yet the other party are causing so much hassle because they will not supply their insurance details. :mad:
Here I go again on my own....


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    Sorry to hear about your situation Becles. I'm going to move you over to the Motoring Board as I think you may get more replies there.
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  • Surely this is up to your insurance company to sort out as long as they have all the details. I would ask them to authorise repairs.
    Failing to supply insurance details after an accident I believe is also an offence so if you want to get involved I would ring them once more and give them a deadline to supply the details or you will be reporting the matter to the police.
  • Offer the 3rd party a chance to settle your repair bill themselves (if you’re using an insurance approved body centre there should be no question regarding the quality of the repair), if they don't go for that, threaten them with legal action if they refuse to give insurance details (let's be realistic here - if they won't give you their details, they probably aren't insured).
    If you both go through insurance - you'll both end up paying higher premiums next year. Once again - The only people who'll do alright out of this are the bloody insurance companies!
    I hope you resolve your problem soon.
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    You should report accidents to your insurer, there is no requirement to use your insurers to settle the claim.

    1st question, Are you comprehensively insured?

    If yes, it will make no difference to you in the long run, your insurer wil pay for your car, your insurer will then chase the other party for costs, and if they get them, they will give you back your excess. This will make a difference to your insurance renewal if they have not recovered their losses by that time. but you will get the extra premium refunded when they do get the money off the 3rd party.

    If "no" and you are third party, your insurer won't help you anyway and you will have to make a private claim for damages.

    I don't know what you are waiting for? Just ask your insurer to fix the car. Then sit back and wait.

    Or if you want to, ask them to pay for your cars repair quote up front (before repair commences) (make sure the quote is all inclusive inc VAT and Labour) in cash and add on 500 pounds for inconvienience and any possible oversights. Cancel your claim with your insurer. And get a statement from the third party that they pay this money for damages to your car, which you can then show your insurer so they know you recovered your costs.
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    The only details she was required to give at the roadside were her name and address. If you have reported it to your insurers, they should be doing the chasing. There should be no need for you to have any further involvement or contact with her at all.

    Just leave it to your insurance company to sort.
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  • How come you're not happy to have her pay for the repairs?
  • zacspeed wrote:
    If you both go through insurance - you'll both end up paying higher premiums next year. Once again - The only people who'll do alright out of this are the bloody insurance companies!

    Being ex-insurance, I see no reason why both parties would suffer higher premiums next year, only the guilty one in this case as long as all monies are recovered. And as for the b' insurance companies "doing alright out of it", they are having to pay for the repairs you know!!! :rolleyes:
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  • BeclesBecles Forumite
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    How come you're not happy to have her pay for the repairs?

    The bumper is dinted and cracked. She just wants to pay to have that "filled and touched up". She doesn't want to pay for a replacement bumper as she doesn't think the car needs one, nor does she want to pay for the damage you can't see - eg: the rear panel behind the bumper and the exhaust.

    I feel my car should be repaired to the standard it was in before the accident, rather than just being "touched up".

    I did manage to speak to her mother again who told me the name of their insurance company. I've then contacted their insurance myself and got a policy number from them.

    I'm comprehensively insured and have a legal assistance company working on this, but they are useless. In a week they claim they have not been able to contact the third party at all, yet I've managed to speak to them without any problems :confused:

    I've passed the third party insurance details onto the legal assistance company and left 3 messages yesterday for a call back to ask what happens next, but all the messages were ignored :wall:
    Here I go again on my own....
  • oh, Becles, I am sorry to hear for your trouble.

    Well keep on chasing your insurer! Can yout ell us who they are so I dont renew with them next year? lol

    Big Hugz to you!
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    I still can't see why you are taking all this trouble over nothing. Get the car fixed.....End of story. Wait for the cheque to arrive for your excess refund End of story.
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