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anyone work in a computer shop or similar know of anywhere that will have these high demand consoles in store for sale to the public on the 2nd.I didn't pre-order one and have absolutely no chance of getting one now unless there is a shop that is selling them that doesn't take pre-orders



  • Hiya

    My hubby is in the same boat, he's desperate to get his hands on one!

    I'd suggest maybe trying Argos on Friday morning, as they aren't doing pre-orders and I'd imagine will get quite a few in. I think that's what my hubby's gonna do anyway. :rolleyes:
  • asda in livingston has 14 and theres already more than that queing for the 6 o'clock opening and tesco in bathgate have 4 and they go on sale at midnight,but theyve already got 4 folk in the Q there as well!!!!!
  • why buy now? at full price, why not wait a couple of months, more stock will come in, will be cheaper maybe £30 £50 cheaper than now, and already ppl in US have sent theirs back cos its crashing alot..... let them sort the kinks out ;)
    Never do things tomorow when you can do them today.
  • yeah but it is very hard to find a machine of any sort not to have any bugs in it :). even the kettle goes on the blink after the warrantly runs out lmao.
    Need to get rid of my Yankee Candle Habit, Not very money saving of me :)
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    i got one for sale! :-)
    The word is BOUGHT, not BROUGHT.
    You ask for ADVICE not ADVISE.
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