pap/moozies what have/will you spend today thread

Morning all, yes tis really early to start this thread but been having nightmares and cant sleep o4fsad.gif

So its Monday and the start of a new week, so what will/have you spend/spent? Remember to try and keep it low and remember Martins money mantra t7xhappy.gif

Take care all and have a wonderfull day th_In_my_car____by_dirtypaintbrush.gif


  • Lelc
    Lelc Posts: 558 Forumite
    Morning pap. Sorry to hear about the nightmare. Happy thoughts for tonight!

    I haven't brought any money in with me today so that I'm not tempted to buy anything. I'm really down to pennies in the bank now - unless I go into the overdraft and I'm definitely not going to be doing that!!

    Have a good day everyone.
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  • bathgatebuyer
    It was pay day for me today so I've already been online paying the (£100) electricity bill, over £200 in service charge bills, £130 in credit card repayments, and going to pay the mobile bill at lunchtime. (Quiet a cathartic experience!) Thankfully no quarterly bills due next month, so next month will be better financially.

    Anyhow, as it was payday, I treated myself to a £1.20 latte and spent £1.10 on the bus.

    Sorry you're having a rotten sleep at the moment, have the same problems myself from time to time. St Johns Wort has really taken the edge of the nervous attacks I have from time to time, plus I bought a fantastic new pillow a few weeks back which was just like the one I had in my hotel in the states and it seems to help too. Worst nightmare I had I ended up throwing myself onto the floor over the end of the bed - I woke up when I landed after the 2 ft drop on my finger (which broke!)
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  • Piquant_2
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    Sorry PaP about the nightmares, I second the suggestion on St Johns Wort, it's good stuff, takes a week or so to kick in, but well worth it.

    I have no cash on me today, money is very tight this end of the month. I am waiting for various payments from Amazon, ebay, Enviropone and musicmagpie, but none of them seem in a hurry to spend either! Long winded way of saying NSD today :rotfl:
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  • **Amy**
    **Amy** Posts: 2,680 Forumite

    Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight Pap. xx

    Fingers crossed for a NSD today. I dont NEED to buy anything, so technically shouldnt lol

    Debt: just my mortgage :D
  • rb6ac
    rb6ac Posts: 611 Forumite
    Hi all - NSD today after an expensive weekend. Going to be having a few this week :rotfl: Sorry to all those struggling with sleep, can't offer any advise as I'm a really heavy sleeper - slept through a robbery in my bedroom once! x
  • Wannabefree_2
    Evening all!! I had a no spend day today & will be having one for the next 9 days as i have only £25 left in my bank to last until 24th Sept! And that`s £25 left of an overdraft of £900!! I have no idea what`s happened & am panicing now a bit as this months wages are going to be a bit crappy. My mortgage has gone up £100 as my fixed rate has come to an end. Any idea`s??
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    :j Heading in the right direction!
    Its taking so long......:(
  • postingalwaysposting
    Thanks all for teh advice etc. I just think I was having things run over in my head. I managed to get an hour before going to work :)

    Anyways nsd here except paying off my 0% debt
  • SarahNeedle1872
    Spent £2 on food at work today, all because I was too disorganised this morning to sort myself out - grrr! Going downstairs in a mo to make tomorrows lunch though.... on a course for four days at another store and the food is minging, so my £2 didn't even buy anything good!!! :mad:

    Did get 4 £2s in the change though :D
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  • Skippycat
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    NSD here as I took a cheapo lunch into work from home :D Have a good evening everyone!
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  • Gemmzie
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    £6.99 on Ebay and £10.80 in New Look - oops
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