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RTE to join Sky's NI lineup
Sunday, November 21 2004, 22:01 GMT -- by James Welsh

RTE will be joining Sky's Northern Ireland lineup, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

The paper's owner, News International, has a stake in Sky. The report says that Sky "hopes the addition of RTE will attract more subscribers" from Northern Ireland.

The report indicates that RTE will become available on the platform in early 2005. No details on where it will appear on the EPG are available at


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    About time too, we can get every other channel except this one.
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    i wonder if we'll get the premiership game at 3pm on a sat though, they might block or encript it or something
    if i had known then what i know now
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    The tendency is that you now have to pay for the priveledge of watching premiership footy

    not that I care cos I HATE football ::)
  • Before you all get to excited there is a good chance that you will have to pay  :-/extra to watch as it is most likely to be a stand alone channel similar to film4 and the football club channels due to the ongoing dispute with Utv over advertising revenue. I hope i'm wrong on this but can't see it. :(
  • It was rumoured that RTE was to join the sky line up last year, but the sticking point was RTE wanted to be free view and Sky wanted it to be part of a subcription package.

    RTE is paid by a licence fee same as the BBC so why should it customers pay twice.
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    A aerial rigger told me once that if you have a sky-box from south of the border then it is possible that it will received the RTE signal.

    As I'm not particularly interested in sky-seven television stations and a computer are more than enought-I think he indicated that an old box works better.

    Worth a try if you know someone living south of the border and can borrow a box to try it out.

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