Npower ripped us off

Does anyone have any ideas how to get the £344 Npower has stolen from my partner?

About 2 years ago my partner Emma moved out of the house she rented from her mother. The electricity supplier was Npower and a final bill was paid in full. Mother put the house up for sale. The house took quite a while to sell and so Npower produced another bill for £344. This was contested and Npower agreed and reduced the bill to £22 which was paid in full. We have proof of this.

May 2008 Emma gets a letter from some debt collectors demanding £344. She telephones the debt collectors who threaten her with taking the car and anything else they fancy taking. Emma panicks and pays them in full plus their expenses, over the phone.

Later that day after a conversation with mother Emma realises that she has made a mistake in paying them. Many many phone calls to Npower have produced nothing, they always say they'll call back. They never do and you can never speak to the same person twice. The debt collectors say its not their problem.

We looked into taking them to the small claims court but it would appear they can choose to ignore the claim so it would seem pointless to bother.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



  • slummymummyof3
    What about contacting the energy watchdog to see if they have any ideas?
    Do not be deterred, issue an online summons for the full amount plus costs. If they ignore the summons, the court will find against them. Your mother obviously was frightened of the debt collectors ( and who wouldn't be given the aggression these people can display ), so the basis of your claim should be that she was under severe duress, and frightened of the consequences if she didn't pay up. The online claim is made through the Northampton County Court who then pass it to your local County Court. NPower will be forced to attend your local court to defend the claim, and the chances are that they will pay up ( as a goodwill gesture ) without going to court. You have to have the will to go to court and argue your case, but please don't be deterred.
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