moozies/paps weekly challenge ~ w/c 10th august 2008

Good morning all…. Welcome to the newly revised pap/moozies challenge.

This challenge has been running for years but due to the nature of it people have been and gone and numbers are dwindling. Now I do not want this fantastic thread and the daily spends thread to die. It’s a perfect motivator not only for newbie’s but for those of us need a rain check on what we are spending. It works like this….

Every Saturday a thread is started where you all pledge a ‘target’ amount of money you will not exceed through the week, Sunday ~ Friday inclusive. Each day, if you can, come along to the daily spends thread and post what you have spent that day. We are all very supportive in there don’t worry. Then on Friday night ready for the Saturday add up your spends ready to post on the following weeks challenge thread. I will then turn you red/green depending on how you achieved.

Now this isn’t about the person who can get through the week spending the least its about getting you to realise that maybe a £4 magazine or a trip to a fast food restaurant isn’t really needed. Everyone’s pledges will be different as single people and people with dependants have a different way of life… that’s what makes this challenge so diverse.

A question that is always asked is why don’t we/I include Saturdays? The simple answer is the founder of this challenge chose not to include it. This means if you were to go out on a Saturday there is no need to worry about the challenge. However this doesn’t mean you can save up all your spends and go for a blow out on Saturday. The daily thread is still posted and even if you have went spending its nice to come back and put it all in black and white. However some of the challengers in past years have included Saturdays in their challenge, this is fine.

So why don’t you come and join in? Just reply to this post and place your pledge. I do all the hard work next Saturday so no need to worry about that. However if you feel like you want to why not place this challenge and your target and spends in your signature? Please don’t worry if you are to be turned read the following Saturday it happens to us all, me more than most. So please come and join in…

Now a word from our founder ~
Originally Posted by Moozie
Good afternoon lovely DFWs Now for anyone looking in, please feel free to join - the more the merrier! Basically, decide on the amount you want to spend up to from Sunday until the end of the working day on Friday then pledge it here and off we go! The challenge is about incidental spending and not for stuff that should be budgeted elsewhere such as bills, groceries, debt repayment etc but you decide what to include at the end - this is about changing your habits and improving your recording of your spends more than anything else. Have a great week everyone and keep it low!!! Moozie x

Last weeks pledges ~
Ames ~ £57.00
SarahNeedle1872 ~ £10.00
postingalwaysposting ~ £6.00
Gemmzie ~ £0
Buffythedebtslayer ~ £50.00
Never Ever Again ~ £60.00
PandaPants ~ £30.00
Bowski_1011 ~ £10.00
hypno06 ~ £20.00
southernbelle ~ £10.00
Jacks xxx ~ £10.00
kalojac ~ £65.00
Toffee261104 ~ £10.00

good luck the coming week all :j


  • OliveOyl_2
    OliveOyl_2 Posts: 3,506 Forumite
    I haven't tried this challenge before, please can I join in?

    :think: incidental spending you say? Like KitKats? mcDonalds? but not groceries, or budgeted elsewhere?

    Shall I try at £10? :D
  • rog2
    rog2 Posts: 11,650 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker
    Hi PaP - Good to see that you are not letting this thread 'die'.
    I am a long time supporter, and oft crusader, of both this and the 'daily spend' thread - both of which are, as you quite rightly say, instrumental in gettin people to 'change' their spending habits.
    They have, most certainly, worked for me.
    I am, as you know, not yet back in a position to 'have control' over the family spending - until I am either back in employment or have succeeeded in getting my business venture off of the ground, so, as this is my wife's domain and I have little influence on her spending other than to say that it is totally DFW/OldStyle orientated, I do not post in this thread, but support it avidly.
    I still, however, post regularily in the 'daily spend' thread and would urge any other 'lurkers' to do the same.
    And thanks, PaP, for keeping the true spirit of the threads alive - 'moozie' would be proud of you. :T :T :T
    I am NOT, nor do I profess to be, a Qualified Debt Adviser. I have made MANY mistakes and have OFTEN been the unwitting victim of the the shamefull tactics of the Financial Industry.
    If any of my experiences, or the knowledge that I have gained from those experiences, can help anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances, then my experiences have not been in vain.

    HMRC Bankruptcy Statistic - 26th October 2006 - 23rd April 2007 BCSC Member No. 7

  • Gemmzie
    Gemmzie Posts: 14,876 Forumite
    I failed spectacularly but I'm not sad about - sometimes you just gotta spend and I'm not getting into debt because of it, so it's fine!

    This week, well it's crunch time for work so I might have to spend a little to consol/congratulate myself. So let's go for £10 :)
    No longer using this account for new posts from 2013
  • SarahNeedle1872
    Hiya Hun,

    I did rather a good job (even if I do say so myself!) and only spent £1.51! Yay! :T

    I'm in for £5 this week please

    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
  • Never_Ever_Again
    Failed misreably last week so going to try extra hard this week.

    About to head out for a meal plus going to a gig wednesday but dont know what we are doing for food then so I will try and spend less than £50 this week.
    Only 2 Months to go until I'm Debt free! :)
    £2 savers club ~ have lost count!!
    Loose change challenge ~ £129 banked 20/10/08 don't know what is in the jar!
    Proud to be dealing with my Debt
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