British Gas Price fix till 2011

pinkmami Posts: 1,110 Forumite
We recevied a letter this morning from BG offering us a price fix on our gas until 2011. Doesn't say at what cost or anything, but only has a tear-off slip to sign & they say "we do the rest"!

Just wandering if anyone else has had one & what do they think of it.



  • nets_2
    nets_2 Posts: 43 Forumite
    I also received the letter this morning, but have decided to go on to clickenergy5 instead. this bit is on home page of mse

    However on Tues 5 Aug at 5.30pm, the last route to get these closed; all the new caps are now at a higher rate, so, in general, it's no longer worth doing
  • energyworries
    I did a check on for my elderly parents and my sister and for me 3 different regions of the country.
    more confused than ever now!!!!!
    according to british gas the fixed deal till 2011 costs the same as the new prices.
    but shows this to be more expensive...

    how can a person work this lot out!!!!
  • mrsproudmum
    mrsproudmum Posts: 215 Forumite
    My mr just worked ours out on a comparison site as we have always been with BG and aparently we would be about £400 better off with this Bg click thing...why oh why when you are a good customer do they not tell/advise you.
  • Magenta
    Magenta Posts: 2,135 Forumite
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    Exactly the same for me.
    I only found out the recent 'offers' when I just happened to click onto their site to look at my bill.
    Why they can't let their customers know what is going on!!
  • 1carminestocky
    1carminestocky Posts: 5,256 Forumite
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    Question: Have BG EVER written to to you to offer to change you over to their cheapest tariff, Click 5? No? You aren't alone. That should tell you what sort of 'value' this 2011 fix is to you, the consumer.
    Call me Carmine....

  • Joyful
    Joyful Posts: 2,426 Forumite
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    Considering when any offers come out they are in the papers and billboards and television I cannot believe when people say they are not advised.
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  • tonysbt
    tonysbt Posts: 41 Forumite
    Personally I don't understand why it's necessary to have so many different pricing schemes. Surely it would be fairer to have one system for all?

  • MyraLock
    I received an email from BG offering me a price fix on my gas until 2011. This came as a surprise since I had switched to a capped price through on the 24 July 2008. A week after I switched I too wondered if I had done the right thing and contacted energyline and questioned whether the switch had taken place and after a great deal of difficulty trying to get in touch with them by phone I emailed them. Their reply stated that I had switched.
    On receiving the new information from BG I phoned them and was told that they had NOT received my switch information. I am not at all sure what to do now other than try again to contact energyline. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this with switching and is there anyone who can help me with advice.
  • saver78
    saver78 Posts: 39 Forumite
    Oh yes I got one of these slips too. I was a bit concerned at how there seemed to be very little information about what I was signing up to, just a tick box. And I have so far been unable to find out what, if anything, this service costs. I've been online and have just found scant information...some of which had asterisks and double asterisks next to it....which didn't have any footnotes to refer to. Mmmm :confused:

    What I want to know if whether this fixed 2011 business means you have to be on a direct debit with them (which I'm not) and also whether you have to be online to get it (don't get me started...I've had problems with this before with B Gas). The info I found on their website seemed to suggest you would have an online account.

    Also, it's worth pointint out there is a £30 electricity cancellation fee and an £70 gas cancellation fee on this product.
  • Joyful
    Joyful Posts: 2,426 Forumite
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    You do not have to be on DD or paperless billing for the 2011 fixed price. You can even be on a prepayment meter. You will make extra savings though if you do the above though.
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